Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Review: Collection 2000 - Dazzle Me!

OK, So these dazzle me's are like £2.99 each, which is such a bargain. I was sceptical at first, about the quality etc, with them being so cheap but I went for it and decided to try them. I got one and I loved it!

They are the same size just about as a MAC pigment, and the quality is equally as good in my opinion, If not better! They are more of a fine dust, which I find easier to work with..

They have about 20 + Different colours which are all vibrant, and you can apply them wet, dry, use them as a liner or whatever!

The packaging is good although I do find the lids don't stay on tightly so make sure you keep them upright. They come with a sifter, which is useful if you like them.

These are the shades I have, applied wet.

(L to R) Enigma, Tinkerbell, Spellbound, Fairydust, Illusion & Sugarplum.

They are slightly shimmery, but gorgeous too!

Any questions, message me :)

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