Friday, July 04, 2008

Urban Decay - Deluxe Shadow Palette

So, The Urban Decay Deluxe Palette was my first introduction to Urban Decay make up. Originally I wanted a bottle of UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) .. At £11 I thought it was quite expensive, especially if I wasn't going to like it. So, I notice that you could get the Palette which came with a sample sized UDPP for £20, So I figured that would be worth it, because if I didn't rate the Primer I would still have the eyeshadows, which were gorgeous shades.

Well, I bought it, I tried it and I LOVED it. The eyeshadows are so bright and amazingly pigmented, In my opinion they are as good as (If not better) Than M.A.C. The packaging on the box is gorgeous, with a purple suede effect, and the chain mail design on the front. You open it up and it has a large mirror and the shadows just jump at you, they really are so vibrant, and the quality is just flippin' A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !

In the UK you can get this in Boots, Debenhams, and you can buy it online too, and a bargain at only £20!

As for the UDPP, Like I said, I wanted to try it out, So I did.. I applied it to my bare eyelid, rubbed it in, let it set, applied my eyeshadow and went out for a hot sweaty night of partying (I used Peace and Ransom for the look) .. So, I get home from my night out, look in the mirror and my make up is flawless, Seriously!! It was as though I had just put it on, I was so amazed and I did NOT want to remove it! I was super happy that I had finally found something that would keep my makeup in place and looking fresh, and UDPP certainly does that.

I now have a full sized one! :)

I reccomend it, Yes. Go buy, Now!

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