Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I want..

So, I spend some of my days looking at make-up websites, seeing what products are available, and dreaming of things that I wish I could have.. I swear, if I had it I could spend thousands on make-up.

The thing is, I don't have a job at the moment so I can't buy anything new AT ALL.. This has to change though, I have an addiction that I can't feed, and that hurts.. Christmas is coming up and there must be plenty of jobs about, I am going to get off my arse and find one.

So, some of the sites I look at and day dream over, Firstly this one, They sell Mehron and Kryolan make-up.. I have seen lots of girls using that kind of thing on YT and I must say, I am envious! I want some water based make-up and some Ben Nye eye shadows.. I will have them, eventually. *smile*

There is also this website .. It is amazing, they sell lots of MAC amongst other brands, and it is pretty cheap.. They sell products from limited editions that you can no longer buy from a MAC store, and I have a huge list of things I want from that site.

So, the job hunt s officially ON!

Wish me luck!

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