Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pictures, Make-up Practice and other stuff!

This entry is a random post, I have some pics I wanted to post of some various looks that I meant to post as FOTD's and never made it to video, not yet anyway.

First off, I've been practicing the cut crease look, How am I doing?

Secondly, Me and my boyfriend went out last Thursday to a friends for a meal, and this was the look I did. I like how it came out and even my BF commented, and the friends we were visiting too. (I like when that happens!)

Then, on Friday we went out for some birthday drinks for my BF, with his sister and her husband, and this was my look. Pretty bright, but I like colorful!

And a silly pic of me in my dressing gown being a tw*t !

... Yeahhhhhh.. whatever!


candyishmakeup said...

Gorgeous!! I'm especially in love with the first one!

Emmy said...

Loveeee the second look!

Mona said...

looking great! :D

PiNKSUGARR said...

Wow, the pink one is gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Love them all, you look hawt girl! :)