Monday, January 26, 2009

In's and Out's

SO, I got the idea from Kelly (Pinksealight) for this, and I think it is such a fun thing to do, so I have jumped on the band wagon!


What's IN:

1. Barry M! (Clicky!)
2. LOST (I am so glad it is back, although as confusing as EVER!)
3. Urban Decay Primer Potion (I couldn't be without it!)
4. Nude Lips! (That is my fave lip at the moment)
5. Doing and what's In and Out blog post! :)


1. Lush 'Let them eat cake' Vegan Lip balm (Yaeuk!)
2. Eyeshadow staining my eyelid even when I am wearing UDPP (I currently have pink eye lids!)
3. NYC Lash Precise Mascara (The wand is so hard and if you catch yourself with it, Ouch!)
4. Baths (I prefer a shower!)
5. Waxing my brows (I find plucking more precise, but it hurts!)

.. Blimey, I struggled a little there! .. Hope you enjoyed! xx

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