Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh My God! I Love Barry M! I won!

So, I have a totally happy face! .. I have entered so many contests before on YT and never got anywhere, it kind of knocks you a bit, but you get over it.

So back in October Barry M were running a 'Be a Star' Contest where you did a look using their products (Which are fab) and submit it to their you tube account (Here) .. So I did that, and then forgot about it..

That was, until yesterday! I logged into my You Tube and had a message from one of the girls in their offices telling me I was the winner.. My first thought was 'This is a JOKE!' .. She sent me a link to their site, and there I am, the winner..

Click Here To Go Page!

I am totally in shock, but really made up!.. I never win anything, and now I have.. I am so pleased that they liked my look, and now I get to choose £100 of Barry M products from the site.. I am spoilt for choice, because I love it all!

Good times, eh? :)


Laura said...

Oh wow, well done!!! Congrats! Will watch the vid later...I posted a question on my blog earlier about Barry M, you might be able to help??? x x x

Emmy said...

OMG! Well done! :D

Mona said...


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