Monday, February 09, 2009

Acne / Spot Trouble

So, As soon as I hit my teens Acne hit me! I remember looking back at my year 7 school photo from Senior School and cringing like mad, I look like a pizza face, it is gross! I begged my mum not to buy it, but she did! Although she has never had it on display, thank god!

Now, Still, to this day I get spots, no matter what time of the month, they have never really stopped since my teens, OK so they're not as bad as they were then, but sometimes they are.. & When it is 'that time' of the month, they are much much worse.

Only a few weeks ago I had a huge cluster of them on my chin, big bumpy sore lumps.. I hate it and am getting sick of trying to cover them! It is all well and good putting concealer and foundation and powder on, but the lump is still there, I can't make that go away.

So over the past few months I have tried numerous products, clearsil face wash, a witch stick, clearsil deep cleansing face pads, and St Ives blemish wash/exfoliator. The best of those in my opinion is the St Ives and the Witch Stick, but it sill doesn't get rid of them.

So what I am asking you is, do you have or have you had a similar problem, and if so what do you use to stop it, what works? Any suggestions very welcome!


Anonymous said...

apparently haemorrhoid cream takes the 'bump' out of spots. Or so I have read (celeb mags) Toothpaste is also another one (overnight)

Hope you find something x

gingerbee said...

I hear you. I've been suffering from acne since I was 12 I think. Although I don't break out as bad anymore, I still do get the occasional ones.

Hm, as soon as I feel a bump forming, I immediately treat it with VMV id line( Or try using Mario Badescu's drying or buffering lotion. :) Hope it works!

ami said...

I have a lotion with salicylic acid(it's from a Romanian brand Elmiplant I don't know if they sell internationally), I think you could try an aspirin mask on that region. You take 2 normal tablets of aspirin put a little water on them and when they become mushy you just add aloe vera or honey. I think it might help.

Nu Nu Dollie said...

Have you tried honey? I have really clear skin, and I do a aspirin honey mask twice a week, and it keeps my skin looking beautiful. Honey alone has a lot of great benefits for your skin. Google it. :) Natural is the way to go!

Anonymous said...

hi, two things made a big difference with my acne, when i went on birth control and when i stopped using mineral makeup! if your acne is hormonal then the birth control helps because you're gettin a steady dose of hormones everyday.

rainbowdust33 said...

lollipop26 is saying sudocrem is amazing. I've just bought a tub to give it a try!