Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fearne Cotton Oscars Red Carpet Look!

For those of you who watched the Oscars red carpet thing on Sky1 with Fearne Cotton, I am sure you noticed her very bright make-up, I did straight away!

So, I figured rather than doing an inspired look by one of the actresses I would do Fearnes look, cos it is so me and it rocks!

Here is a preview :

I love it! .. It is so vivid and just bright and lovely! I did the whole look using the 120 pro palette from ebay which I have had for a while now and not used! Silly really because I was SO excited to have it, and it is amazing!

What do you think?

PS : You can see a rough picture of the Original look on Fearne Here :


rainbowdust33 said...

I think yours looks even better than fearnes!! gorgeous!! xx

Unknown said...

Gee! Thank you for that :)

Unknown said...

love this look :) i did a pink and black look a little while ago (pics on my blog) i reckon fearne stole it from me!

hehe nah, seriously though you really can pull of the bright colours :)

David Marvel said...

I did Fearne's makeup for that, and found this doing a follow up search to see online images from that day. What a nice compliment to see someone inspired to do a look from my work. Funny enough I work with Mel B who is from Leeds. Did the Spice Girls reunion tour last year as well. Anyway, Just want to say hi. keep enjoying makeup...
David Marvel x