Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sad Day

Hey everyone and Happy Mothers Day to all Mums out there :)

Happy mothers day to my mum too (Although she probably won't read this) She is the best ever and I love her so very much and I wish I could be with her, rather than 300 miles away.

- -

Anyway, so today I am very sad. I woke up to discover that Jade Goody had passed away and I was devastated by the news, I know a lot of you will read this and think I am sad, but I have liked Jade since Big Brother in 2001 and have been a supporter of hers all along, she is so normal and had such a hard life.

So, after a 7 month battle with Cancer she died at 3.55am this morning at the age of 27, leaving behind two young sons under five years old.

What a day to die, Mothers Day. I'm truly gutted.

She has been so brave throughout her battle and I think her publicising the whole thing to make some money for her sons futures is totally ok. They can now live a life and have an upbringing that is so much better than the start she had in her life.

.. A month or so ago I made a tribute video to her, which is on my channel and it has been very popular, especially today. But what really makes me sad is the amount of NASTY comments it has had, I am not going to elaborate on them because they are sick, but people, if you don't like her then don't watch the video and be so disgusting about her, she was a young mother with two young sons.

OKAY, so anyway, That has saddened my day today and I am really upset but otherwise, I am OK and thinking of my own family and how much I love them.

Thanks for reading.


(My Jade tribute video can be found HERE)


MindyandRoo said...

It's so so sad, she was such a fighter, even though i knew it was inevitable i kind of hoped for a miracle. And mothers day aswell, god i feel so sorry for Bobby and Freddie, she was such a good mum. You're not sad at all for liking Jade, she was 'real' and thats what made her so appealing, she had a good heart and she will be so missed, more than she would have imagined. You're really sweet, that video you made was lovely. Take care, Rachelxxx

Ann Brien said...

Hi Sophie, I've just watched your beautiful YouTube tribute to Jade, so sensitively created. I too am heartbroken and as a Mum I can't stop thinking about her two lovely boys, may God comfort them.