Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Chanel High Shine Lipgloss

Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss High Shine #68 Candy Glow.

I got this lip gloss in a swap a few weeks ago and was impressed with the sleek packaging and the formulation of the smooth gloss.

They say it is apparently 'High Shine Sheer Concentrate' - It is definitely sheer, More so than it looks in the bottle - I don't find the colour shows up very well on me at all, although up close and in certain light it is sparkly and a pretty pale pink colour.

I think this colour is really close to my own lip colour and it just enhances my lips, which I love.

If you look closely at the gloss bottle you can see a sheer candy pink colour with loads of golden sparkles.

You can't feel the sparkles at all when it is on your lips, it has such a soft texture and the brush applicator is nice and easy to use. It does not feel at all sticky on the lips, it's kind of similar to a balmy feel and it lasts for a long time too, I ate and drank with mine on and there were still reminants a few hours later which I found impressive.

It is a 6ml tune and retails for about £20 which I think is a very steep price, and I certainly wouldn't have paid that for it, nor will I ever. So, I don't really recommend it, there are loads of lip glosses out there that cost less and do just as good a job.

I am happy I swapped it to try though and will use this one up.

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