Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hot and... Not so hot!


*1 - Cadbury's mini eggs, Yum!
*2 - Hells Kitchen back on TV - I love Marco!!
*3 - Swapping Make-up!
*4 - Britain's Got Talent back on TV! (I know, a lot of TV related stuff!)
*5 - Boots No7 Mattifying Make-up base. <3


1* - Trying to make a video and being interrupted! (I haven't made one in ages!)
2* - Feeling inadequate in my make-up skills. and lacking confidence.
3* - Mineral foundation (It's making my skin feel dry?!)
4* - Out of date make-up (I had a massive sort out yesterday and chucked loads! I need to do this often from now on!)
5* - Being skint and jobless and living in the City with the 2nd biggest job losses.. Great! :(


mizzworthy said...

Aw - we miss your vids! xxx

By the way, no worries about the postage delays - I've sent yours off today, so hopefully it will arrive either tomorrow or monday! Let me know when it arrives xxx

Shortiee31 said...

Ahh I am so happy BGT's back too! :D x