Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In's and Out's!

In In In!

* My sty is gone! I am happy :)
* Painting my nails in pretty patterns - (I NEED a Konad though! Please Santa! lol)
* The gorgeous weather, it makes me feel good and want to do stuff!
* Tidying up and feeling productive! I have tidied my make-up room today :)
* Making a video for the first time in ages, I did it today! (It will be up soon!)
* L'Oreal Holographic eyeshadows, I have some I have been neglecting and I love them.
* Finding old friend you have lost touch with via Facebook, Yay! :)
* Hells Kitchen and Marco Pierre White... Nice ;)
* Scrabble on Facebook, I'm addicted.

Out Out Out!

* Grant Bovey (On Hells Kitchen) Ughh.
* The Credit Crunch, I wish it would end! :(
* My Camera, It is on it's way out and it is all I have *Cry*.
* Bitchy girls, everywhere. Puh-lease! Get a grip.
* Plucking eyebrows! I need to do mine badly and cannot be arsed.

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Shortiee31 said...

I'm loving the weather too! Nice and sunny for once! :) x