Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Interview Tag!

So, I saw this on Mizz Worthy's blog and thought I would do it too!

1) What were the reasons behind you starting up your own blog?

I started it last summer to go along with my youtube account, I was addicted at first and then I let it go for a while, they blogging became the 'in' thing and I was addicted again, and still am!

2) Who (or what) inspires you in the blogging world?

Other peoples blogs, things that I see and I want to blog about so that my followers can share in it. Anything really, I just like blogging.

3) Who (or what) inspires you in the non-blogging world (aka reality!)?

My Mum, my whole family. My little sister.

4) What is your ONE 'must-have', 'holy grail', 'can't-live'without-it' item (can be non-beauty related)?
Ooh! A computer, otherwise I wouldn't be able to blog or make videos!

5) What is your favourite feature and how do you accentuate it?
My eyes, without question. I accentuate them by applying makeup to them and trying to make the best of them in every way possible!

6) What is your ultimate favourite brand (can be make up, fashion, gadget etc!)?
I have too many fav brands to mention, I'm stuck!

7) What (or who) gives you instant feel good factor?


8) Can you give your avid readers one top tip (can be non-beauty related)?
I'll stick with beauty related and I would say that you should ALWAYS remove your makeup for bed, can you imagine leaving it on, and how much it is clogging and blocking your face, Ugh.

9) If you were stranded on a desert island, would you rather go without make-up, music, love or clothes?!
Music, for sure. The others are fun enough and I could sing!

10) Can you give us one totally random fact?!

Erm, I love make-up on men!

11) What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Writing my thoughts and feelings down, receiving comments and being part of this whole lovely blogging community!

12) Do you have a message for your followers?
I love you all, thank you for following me. Oh, and always remove your makeup before bed!

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mizzworthy said...

Yay! Loved reading this! Tags are such a cute way to find out about each other, and I also loved te message about taking the makeup off lol xxx