Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The MAC 168 Brush.

I've had this brush for quite some time now, and I bought it to use for contouring.

It is made from pure goat hair and it is the softest, loveliest brush ever.

I love to use it, as I said, to contour. Sometimes I use it for blusher too and highlight, I love how it applies and picks up just enough colour.

.. Anyway, where am I going with this?

A few days ago I was on a make-up forum where someone mentions how then loves the 168 to apply their foundation, and I was like 'WHAT!' ..

Then, a couple of days ago I saw a video from Leesha/xSparkage, demonstrating how she used it to apply her studio sculpt.

.. Sooo yesterday when I was doing my make-up I got out the 168 and tried to put my foundation with it. I dotted the foundation onto my face and blended it out with the brush.

One word......... Amazing!

It went on so smoothly! I literally swirled the brush over my face so softly and it gave me such a nice look, I was so pleased, The application looked smooth and almost flawless.

I then used the same brush to apply my powder, blush and highlight.

Let this be a lesson, you your brushes and makeup for whatever you like, you are not limited to what you use each thing for... Have fun and Experiment. :)

*This brush is around about £16 in MAC stores or on their Website.*


Emma - Eating Diamonds said...

Yes I've just discovered the 109 works brilliantly too!

K said...

Oh wow... I want this brush now!!

mizzworthy said...

totally in agreement - one of my favourite multipurpose MAC brushes is my 109 - I use it for foundation, blusher, contour, highlight.. etc! x