Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Men you shouldn't, but do...

So, after a little chat with thismodernpanda on twitter the other day about how we both think Simon Cowell is a gorgeous man, she thought it would be funny to do a blog post about men you probably shouldn't like, but you do.

Here are mine..

*These are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER! :) How could I choose before my fav men? lol.. (Of course my BF comes above all of these!)

Marco Pierre White

Gordon Ramsey

Eddie Izzard

Boy George

Simon Cowell

... Mmm Mmmm gimme gimme gimme!


mizzworthy said...

LOL - The way Simon Cowell sitting in that photo is very disconcerting! I feel dirty and need a shower non lol xxx

Cassiopeia said...

quite the fan of marco pierre white myself... not sure about the others, but then i'm the girl with a thing for sean connery no matter what age lol.


Rebecca said...

Gordon Ramsay! OHNOES! That pic of Simon is lush haha!