Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nooo!!! *Cry*

So, about 30 mins ago I was sat here, at my PC and I blinked and felt a small pain and I was like :

Hmm, why does that hurt?

So I got my camera and took a pic because I didn't have my mirror handy (lol) .. I then viewed the pic and saw a redness under my eye where I felt pain, so I touched lightly and it hurt and I felt a small bump.

*Click pics for larger sizes*

I then decided to go investigate and went to the mirror! I have a small spot like red bump just underneath my lashline towards the outer corner of my eye :(

At first I thought I might just have a spot there, because I get spots all over, but I actually think it's a sty. I have just done some reading up online about them, and it sounds more possible.

I haven't had a sty since I was a young girl!

I am really gutted and now I know it's there it hurts! :( *Boo!*

So, it looks like my plan of making a few tutorials (because of my slacking in the last couple of weeks) is out of the window. I will do a few tags I have to do and maybe a Vlog!

.. The make-up will just have to wait! :(

Have any of you had sty's before? and how did you ease them? .. I can see that a hot flannel and cold tea are supposed to do some good from researching online.. So I will try them soon.


mizzworthy said...

oh dear! hope it clears up fast xxx

LottieE said...

Aw, poor you! Fear not, you just need some Brolene in your life. It's about £6 from any chemist. It should be gone in a day or two :) HTH x

Becky said...

Oh no!! I hope it clears up very quickly.

OxfordJasmine said...

Oh poor thing, Fucithalmic acid will help, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Feel better soon.

Unknown said...

I know this will sound really weird, but it works for me and I get styes quite often. basically if you boil some water and then let a tea bag soak in it for a few minutes (let it cool for a min)...then hold it on your eye for about 5 minutes. I have no idea how it works but it does it should clear up soon after that. :)

nicole said...

omg! :{ hope it clears soon x

SlvrGrndM99 said...

Sty's suck! I usually getting them inside my upper lashes, on the waterline. My DF gets them too... I'm sure you're not supposed to but I run a needle under very hot water and pop the sty... it feels MUCH better after. Sometimes they come back and I pop it again but it's usually totally gone within a week.

Chelseyy said...

I had a sty two weeks ago,, becasue it was on my upperlash line i bathed my whole eye in dilutted hot milk. I kept carefully dabing on it and then it came up yellow so i gentled pushed down with a cotton bud so the poison was all out.It was done within 2 days:)and it hasnt come back yet and my eye is completly back to normal:)

Frances AKA Qbanmami379 (youtube) said...

I worked for an optometrist for 2 years. They have creams that you have to have a doctors note OR you can get warm compress (as hot as you can stand it) and place on your eye for 5 minutes at a time at least 4 o 5 times a day until it goes away. Its like a pimple and it has to pop. Sorry love. Hope it goes away soon.