Tuesday, April 07, 2009

UPDATE : The Holographic Nails

In relation to yesterdays post 'The GOSH Holographic Nail Polish' ..

Hmm, where to start!

Pretty much a couple of hours after applying it went a little scratchy looking, It is weird to describe but It was like if you scratch a scratch card, but on my nails, although not that easily.

It had started chipping by the early evening and today it has just gotten worse! So it can't even go for 12 hours without beginning to look crappy.

I admit, I am quite disappointed but it was worth it for almost a whole day of gorgeous eye catching nails! I will just save it for nights out so people can see it and go 'oooh!' ..

Here is a pic of them, today :

(I kept it HUGE so you could see - Click to see large image)


Becky said...

Mine went like that as well but my nails take a lot of abuse at work so I didn't think anything of it.

Helen E Cosmetics said...

I have this and it didn't last long for me either, such a shame as it looks so gorgeous to start with

Moni said...

I have this nail polish and i love it. I have gel nails and I never had problme with the polish chipping off, but when i painted my friends natural nails the polish came off like 4 hours of application. I think this porduct stays only on fake nails:( xx