Friday, May 29, 2009

Barry M 'PINK' Lip Paint Collection.

Barry M have recently brought out a new Lip Paint Collection of four lipsticks in PINK shades for the summer, I was sent two (of my choice) to try out and after using them for a few weeks I feel I am ready to tell you about these babies!

I was sent #146 Dolly Pink and #147 Peachy Pink (Which I suspect is becoming the new #101!)

Dolly pink is just the PERFECT pink, It's bright but not TOO bright and when I look at it it screams 'BARBIE' at me! It is so pretty and can be worn full on for a sexy bright pink lip or you can tone it down a little and wear it during the day. It's texture is very moisturizing when applied, It kind of feels glossy and shiny and I don't think you would need a load of gloss on top of it (I think the feel of it is very similar to #129 Palest Lavender) - This shade is definitely my new fave shade of pink and I will be wearing it throughout the summer with some neutral eye make up looks I think, The focus will most definitely have to be on my 'Barbie' pink lips!
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Peachy pink is fast becoming my new favorite lipstick, I have been wearing it all of the time since I got it with glossy tube #4 on top, It is perfect. To me it's like the #101 with a hint of peach thrown in. I honestly never thought I would pull of a peachy colored lip but much to my surprise it suits me and is pretty much like my all time favorite nude lip (#101), just with some peachiness. The texture of this Lip Paint is also very similar (If not the same) to the Barry M #101 (Marshmallow) lipstick, It is really Matte and very creamy feeling - When applied it needs to be blended around the edge of the lips so that you don't get a line around the lip, but it's certainly not hard work to blend it in, and the results are well worth it. I already have a back up of this (and the glossy tube), That's how FAB it is as a combo.
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So there we have it, two mega new shades from the amazing Barry M! Go to to check them out, as well as the other two new shades (Which I also have and they are gorgeous too!)
They are available online now and will also be available in stores (Superdrug & Boots) From mid-June I believe, Priced at £4.25.


Danielle Anderson said...

Do you know the name/number of the red one in the Barry M picture?

Unknown said...

I am pretty sure it is Cerise Pink #144 and it more of a pink than a red. Gorgeous shade though :)