Friday, May 08, 2009

Konad Nails!

It has finally arrived! .. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I woke up to find it on my doorstep! I immediately made a video and then got cracking on practicing :)

I got the Starter Set (Set C I believe) which includes two image plates (M2 and M3) three small special nail polishes (Red, Blue and White) and the one ended stamper and a scraper. I also got an extra plate (M57).

They can all be purchased at and the prices are good! Although I have heard you can buy cheaper (FauxNad ..See what they did there?) image plates on Ebay, which I intend to look at.

So anyway, I decided I would practice with normal nail polish to start, seeing as it was just to test I didn't want to waste my special nail polishes. Using normal nail polish works, but it does take a bit of work to get it right.

Anyway, I'm rambling to much, I will do a proper review once I have fully got the hang of it.

So for now I'll leave you with this. The nails I did today! (The best I have done yet) I used Barry M Matte White with a Claire's black.

*Notice here I messed up on the little finger!*


rainbowdust33 said...

Wow love it! I want one!! xx

Becky said...

I want one!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was wonderig... You used the black nail polish from claire's on the Zebra prints?

Thanks! :)