Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anatomicals - Cheese Release Me!

Prosuct : Anatomicals - Cheese Release Me Foot cream.
Available From : Beauty Counter Direct and the Anatomicals website.
Price : £3.00

So, I have been trying the Anatomicals - Cheese Release Me Foot cream for the past few weeks. My first reactions were good and I had a really good giggle at the name of it "Cheese Release Me!"

The Website says this ....

“i love you with the ferocity of an exploding thousand megaton nuclear bomb”. “your eyes are like deep pools I could jump naked into and save you from drowning”. “ you are my rock, my pebble, my grain of sand on the beach of life where I dream of us walking hand in hand forever”. if you think these lines are cheesy, take your shoes off after a hard day of being on your feet and you’ll then know exactly why you need this ultra cooling, refreshing, soothing and deodorising cream. some new tights or socks wouldn’t hurt either.

So Quirky! - I love the whole brand personality and all of the products sound great.
This cream came at the ideal time, just before I was going on holiday for a week. The weather while I was away was scorching and I spent most of my time walking all day, every day.

So, after a long day out in the heat I couldn't wait to get back to my hotel room and try this out! I showered and got this cream out to try. The consistency is pretty nice, it isn't too thick or thin and it rubs into the skin easily. It has a lovely fresh minty scent to it and as I applied it I felt a light cooling sensation which was soothing. It also felt very moisturising and left my feet feeling completely smooth and free of any dry skin patches. The scent also lasted on the feet and was really pleasant! So if you have stinky feet (luckily, I don't) I should think it will eliminate the stinkiness! It didn't take too long to soak in either, which impressed me as some creams leave you feeling slippery for ages afterwards. I would say it had soaked in within 5 minutes!

So, I would definitely recommend this cream for tired achy and dry tootsies. It feels so nice to apply this after a long day on your feet.

So go on, why not give your feet a treat?! :-)

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Cat said...

Lovely review, I've seen a few reviews of the anatomicals products and they all seem to be positive - sounds like a brand I should give a try if I get the chance.