Friday, June 12, 2009

Dove Hair Minimising Deodorant

Dove Hair Minimising Deodorant - Wild Rose Scent.
Available from all good chemists (Boots, Superdrug) for approximately £2-£3.

"Dove Wild Rose Hair Minimising Anti-Perspirant is a 24 hour anti perspirant deodorant which minimises underarm hair growth and which has 0% alcohol and 1/4 moisturising cream."

I have been using Dove deodorants for a long time because I love how they feel and last, I have always loved their soaps, self tanner and shower gels and shampoos too, So I was more than happy to accept when I was offered to try out the new hair minimising deodorant that Dove were offering.

I am quite fussy with my scents and some can really irritate me but the wild rose scent is a really nice smell. However, it is quite a strong scent so if you don't like that sort of thing then you should try the fragrance free one (I am 90% sure I saw that they did one with no scent too).

When I first started using it I remember wondering what the pleasant smell was, half way through my day, and it was the deodorant! Normally I carry my deodorant with me and top it up during the day, but with this I didn't need to, It really did last for my whole day - (I can't say if it lasted 24 hours because I am never active for 24 hrs straight!)

I was slightly sceptical that my underarm hair would change at all through using this product, but it really has! I noticed after 10 days or so that it had become much softer and much easier to remove, I wouldn't say the change is miraculous, but it is there. It's not so much that you could get away without shaving them as at all but you could definitely skip the odd day here and there. (I do still have another can of this to go, so I will report back if there is any further change.)

So I have to say all in all that this deodorant is another product from dove that gets a thumbs up from me, I love the scent, and I love how it lasts!

Definite WINNER! :)

PS : Print your coupon and save 50p on this product!

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Skarletrubyjynx said...

That sounds really useful but I might have to try it on top of my other deodorant, I don't find that anti-perspirant sprays work as well for me. I'd love to be able to go for longer without shaving and not feel like a cactus though :)