Friday, June 12, 2009

Elf Mineral Eyeshadows!

I was lucky enough to have won a mineral elf eyeshadow on youtube last week, and I chose the colour Partier :

Well, I am SO impressed! They are amazing quality! Well, this one is, I don't have anymore, yet! .. I chose the colour 'Partier' (Shown in picture) It is an almost Matte grey/silver colour, It only has a tiny bit of shimmer to it.

You get a whopping 0.9g for just £2.50 which is such a bargain. As soon as I received this I wanted to use it, So I put it in my crease with a simple wash of white over my lid :

I really like it, the pigmentation is awesome (Did I already say that?) and it blended like a dream with my MAC 224. I definetely want more of these shadows now! They have quite a nice colour range too, which you can check out here.

Let me know if you have tried these and which colours you love? :)

(Oh and excuse the mascara on lashline in the picture *damn you bad gal lash!*


Glittermillie said...

Such a pretty look! Love it :)

Cat said...

Wow that's beautiful - I have been eying up the elf mineral eyeshadows lately, but probably won't place an order until they are doing an offer on shipping or something similar. Really love the look you created with it though, beautiful.

Daisy said...

Hey! I've just subscribed and noticed that you live in Leeds too! Where abouts do you live? (Obviously not all the deets, I'm not a full on stalker! :) )

em said...

this looks beautiful, so defined!

britishbeautyblogger said...

That looks so pretty - thanks for the review of ELF....I have always wondered if the quality is any good. BBBX