Saturday, June 06, 2009

The London Barry M Event

Gosh, I have been slacking so much recently and have been needing to do this post for ages, My write up for the Barry M event on the 20th May.

Today is that day! Yay! :)

So I got the train, after a major morning rush and I had no troubles or delays with my travel, Becky (Sirvinya) also ended up getting on my train midway through the journey because one of her trains was canceled, so we had a natter for the rest of the journey.

So, after meeting up with a few girls we made our way to the club. The Event took place at a gorgeous venue called Madame Jojo's on Soho, It was a small but lovely burlesque style bar and is totally my type of club.

It was decorated really nicely and there were some amazing little cupcakes and other food laid on for us. Unfortunately I never had a cupcake (unlike me!) .. We all god sat down and listened as some people behind Barry M spoke to us about the M Club, which is a part of their website.

Well, basically the M club is going to become a Facebook type site, for makeup addicts! Users will be able to create profiles, share videos, chat in the forum and much much more, it sounds like it is going to be really useful, and such a good way to get yourself out there and noticed.

We also had a short speech from Barry M himself who told us all how he started out and told us a bit about the company, He was a lovely man, so fully of cheer and smiley. I had a picture with him too :

They also wanted to show us the launch of their new Television advert before it was shown on the TV, It is the first time Barry M have advertised on TV and I think it is a really good idea. We saw a video about how the as was made and we were also shown the new advert, exclusively. It aired the following dat, May 21st during the Hollyoaks ad break. It is an amazing advert and it just screams 'Colour!' At me, which is Barry M to me, nice and colourful. You can see the ad, here :

Half way into the party they held a small colour competitions where five girls volunteered to have a makeover and five others did the makeup, I had Becky do mine for me and it was so much fun! She gave me a bright pink and purple look and I requested that she sprinkle me in lots of glitter, which she did. It was FAB party makeup!

Before the event ended we were all lucky enough to be given an amazing goodie bag each. Barry M were Uber generous and the bag was full of lovely things, nail paints, lip paints, dazzle dusts, bronzer, lip gloss and more! I will be reviewing a few of the items soon, so look out for that!

Once we all left we had a bit of a wander around and a bite to eat, I ended up with Becky, Jasmine, Natalya and Caroline but then I decided to go to the station to see if I could get an earlier train, I couldn't and so had a three hour wait! Luckily I wasn't alone as Kelly (Happy1234) was waiting around too, so we had a chat and a drink while we waited.

So, all in all a really nice, but tiring day. I never got to speak to half of the people I wanted to, but I had a fab time and Barry M were so kind for inviting me.


Becky said...

Yay! I'm happy to finally see your write up :) It was lovely to meet up with you again, and I had lots of fun xxx

Kelly said...

Great write up!!was great having a chinwag whilst waiting for our trains!! Will have to meet up in Leeds soon :)