Friday, June 12, 2009

Schwarzkopf Osis Design Mix

I always used to dye my hair with Schwarzkopf hair colours and loved the outcome, So when I was offered the chance to review some of the Osis Design Mix products I said a definite yes!

I always loves to play with my hair and see what new styles I can come up with (It must come from the year and a half I spent at college doing hair!) .. You will see from most of my videos that I normally have my hair up, that is because it is difficult to manage (very thick and curly/frizzy) and I can't be bothered with it! - But receiving these made that change, I wanted to try them and make the effort, and I am glad I did because I think it has got me out of that rut.

The packaging is really modern and sassy and packed full of product. I love the fact that you can just dip into the pot and control how much you use too. Oh, and the scent on them all is gorgeous.

This is what the website says ..

"With the new OSiS Design Mix you can experience six new and innovative products that let you experience great hairstyles. Just go by the names of the products and create stunning looks:


…and if that is not enough for you: these 6 contradictive products have been specially developed and tested to be perfectly intermixable. So go ahead and become your own hair-designer with the new OSiS Design Mix!"

So I decided to go for GLOSS, SMOOTH and STRONG as they were the ones that most appealed to me and my hair type.

SMOOTH : Smoothing cream for silky, smooth finish and lasting frizz control

The smooth was the first one I used because it is said to have frizz control and can be used as a blow drying or a finishing cream which I thought was excellent. Now, I am not one for blow drying my hair, because it is so frizzy and it just gets worse if I use too much heat. So I decided to apply this to my damp hair and just left it to dry naturally... Well, what can I say? It dried so nicely! My hair had dried into luscious separated smooth and shiny curls, It felt amazing look really nice too! ..


Nice huh? I loved it, and it lasted for about 3 days, too! :)

GLOSS : Fibrous glossing balm for lustrous shine

That leads me nicely onto the gloss! .. This is a fibrous balm with macadamia nut oil in it, It smells absolutely gorgeous, definitely my fave of the lot, although they all smell lovely. I used this after straightening my hair to add shine. The smallest amount is all you need for a full head (and I have loads of hair). I just tipped my head upside down and ran my palms and fingers through it. The results were lovely, I had a natural looking glossy mane, Lovely! I will definitely carry on using this after straightening from now on!

STRONG : Crushed ice gel, great for separation and texture

Upon opening this I was like *wow!* It is a lovely orange colour, and again smells so good. I was a little lost at to what to use this for, because I don't use gels normally, but I decided to try it out for a hair pouf (quiffy thing on top of my head?) I just took the tiniest amount, ran it through said piece of hair and styled it, It held well and when I took it out I didn't have a hard crunchy feeling on my hair that I have had with other gels. It kind of felt like I could restyle it and it would hold again. I honestly think this would be a fab product for someone with a shorter more layered style too, it holds style really well and is re workable!

.. So there you have it, all in all 3 lovely products, I think my favorite is Smooth, just because I can used it on wet and dry hair. But remember, you can use these in conjunction with each other without over loading the hair, So why not give them a try?

Schwarzkopf Osis Design Mix is Available from The Shampoo Shop.

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em said...

wow! I definitely need to check out smooth if it csan get my curls looking that great. thanks so much for the reviews :)