Thursday, July 16, 2009

Amazing Pigments - Cheap!

"Pigments.. For cheap?!"
I hear you cry!

Well Yes, you got it!

Just take a little look at these babies :

How frikkin fabulously colourful do they look? .. .. .. I know, Right?!

Where did I get them? .. Wait for this!

P R I M A R K !!

Yes, that place that sells loads of pretty cool stuff for a bargain price. They seem to have done away with the old 'Opia' Make up range that they had and got loads of brand spanking new stock in, named 'Primark Essentials'.

They seem to have changed their whole make up and beauty section, They have new products galore. I was so impressed when I first saw these but only bought one packet to start with (You get two in each packet!) In all honesty I was super sceptical because they were only £1.00 for two. They had a pretty good colour range, So I got one and thought I'd try it before I got anymore.

Well, all I can say is wowzers, they are so good for the price! Mega pigmented and nice and shimmery (Before you ask, No - They do not have chunky glitter in - as you will see from the pictures you are soon to see..)

So I got my butt back down there and bought all the colours they had, They have 5 different packets, each with two dusts in, Some of the colours are similar, but for £1.00 that isn't a huge deal.

So, onto the goods.. They are in a Barry M Dazzle Dust size jar, but the packaging is totally plain and unfancy, with just a small 'eyeshadow dust' sticker on the lid..

Like this :

Anyway, Let me show you what I have, and some swatches :) (Click images to enlarge)

*The Berry one is my absolute fave, such a rich gorgeous colour*

*I love these too, so bright and summery!*

*The Gold and Violet compliment each other so well*

*These are so lovely for summer too, Pretty pastels*

*The first two I got were these, and they sold them all to me!*

So there you have it.. My little rave about the fabulous new Primark eye dusts! .. I forgot to mention, they are not named either - But I don't think it matters. I just gave them the names in the pictures.

I also have a couple of other things from the 'Primark Essentials' range which are good. The quad palletes are nicely pigmented. I may do a post about them later too.

What do you think of these, have you tried them? .. Will you be trying them?



mizzworthy said...

See, this is why I call Primark, Primarni! Great find - must look for these next time I go!!!

rainbowdust33 said...

Ooo they look gorgeous, I need them!! xx

Skarletrubyjynx said...

I've never seen makeup in Primark before, I'll have to have a look next time I'm there

*LilBiuty* said...

I didn't even know they had a makeup range!! I'll definitely grab some soon!
Thx for the info :)))

LamiatS said...

I had no idea they had proper dazzle dust style things. I only thought they did nail clippers and shower gel! Thanks for the post, I'm gonna have a look the next time I'm in.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that I've rediscovered your blog again. But nooo! Not another amazing low budget cosmetic line that's only available in UK! I'm still try to find a way to get those magic Sleek palettes (you made me to want them!) but now... I need those Primark pigments. How are the eye shadow of the cute palette by primark by the way? Winners or losers on the eye lid?
Best wishes from Germany

Lipglossiping said...

What a fab little find! Thanks for sharing, I know where I'm headed this weekend! (like I need an excuse anyway!)

Anonymous said...

I'm the lucky owner of those eye dusts now and I've have to say that they are amazing. Thanks again for infecting me with the Primark make up virus. ;-)