Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Body Shop Tea Tree Range.

A while ago I was offered the chance to try some goodies from the Body Shop.. I was asked what sort of things I would be interested in and I said the skincare, because of the trouble I have with my spots.

I received a large package with lots of tea tree goodies in and a couple of things from the Camomile range (Click Here to see what I thought of them). I was so excited and couldn't wait to try them all out!

So for the past 3/4 weeks I have been using these products and I must say, I am impressed with them all - although some more than others.

So here is a list of what I will be reviewing today :

Tea Tree Oil Facial Exfoliator -£5.00
Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash -£4.50
Tea Tree Oil Face Mask -£6.50
Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick -£4.00
Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion -£6.00
Tea Tree Oil Hand Cleanse Gel -£2.40

All available from The Body Shop online, or in store.

I think I will start with my faves and finish with the least fave, not that I actually hated any of these!

#1 The facial wash. I loved this, It is a thick green gel and you don't need much at all, It lathered up nicely and once I had rinsed it off I felt a lovely cool tingly feeling on my face, but my favorite thing about this is how amazingly soft it left my skin feeling. I really noticed difference after a few weeks use of this too, along with the exfoliator - My skin just felt much better and it prevented a new spot from forming into a monstrosity! I would definitely repurchase this, it is a large size and a good price.

#2 The Exfoliator. When I first used this I was a little disappointed because it didn't have loads of grit in it, just a few bits here and there, and I didn't feel much like it was getting into my skin and cleaning it well - I was comparing it to the St Ives Scrub though, Which is wrong!) .. However, this ended up being used as part of a tea tree regime on my skin. I would use the facial wash for two days, and then this on the third, and so on. I felt it gave me a deeper clean and along with the facial wash really helped clear my skin up. It left my skin feeling super soft and stopped it getting so oily too.

#3 The Face Mask. This was love at first use! A thick green cream mask - I first used it one evening when I was having a really really bad spot-fest. I slathered it on (you don't need much) and I left it on for about half an hour, It felt tingly and lovely on my face and made my skin feel really fresh and clean afterwards. The next morning my painful spots that were coming up had gone down and were pretty much pain free, I was uber impressed! Since then I have used this once a week, and I love how it makes my skin feel.

#4 The Night Lotion. I used this each night - without fail. It is in a nice handy pump bottle and I just used a couple of small pumps all over my face and neck. It gave the same cool/tingly feeling and always left my skin feeling really nice and smooth.

#5 The Hand Sanitizer. This stuff is great, a nice small bottle - easy to travel with too! I always have it in my handbag (I am quite obsessive about having clean hands) and I felt it did a great job if cleansing and leaving my hands lovely and fresh.

#6 The Blemish Stick. Hmm, I wasn't that impressed to say that this was something I had always wanted to try. It is a gel in a lip-gloss style tube with a doe foot applicator. I dabbed it on and it gave a nice cooling sensation, but I honestly never felt it was doing that much unfortunately. I also think the way it is used directly onto spots from the applicator is a little unhygienic, So I would dab it on my finger, and then onto my face. I don't think I'd bother with this again, pure tea tree oil is the best thing to dab on a spot in my opinion. (Which you can also get from the body shop)

So there you have it, all in all some GREAT products, most of which I will continue to use in my fight for clear skin!


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