Friday, July 17, 2009

Konad NOTD

So, I've had the Konad nail kit for a while now and haven't played with it as much as I'd have liked to, So earlier on I got it all out and decided to play!

Before now I have always used normal nail polishes with it, and I thought the result was pretty decent, but someone once told me I would think different when I used the 'Special Polish' .. And oh boy, I did! The Special Polish makes so much difference, the consistency is better and it is much more opaque.

So, I just did a simple black nail and then used the white special polish and a small leopard print-ish pattern. (I don't remember which nail plate off the top of my head, but will let anyone who is interested know!) The result is really good, and I love how visible the white is on top of black polish.

*Click to enlarge*

I know they are not the neatest, but I didn't spend too long painting the black on, and I need to clean up the edges with a cotton bud yet. But all in all I think it looks nice, and pretty effective.

What do you guys think? What are your fave nail plates?

- Products Used-

Barry M Base and Top Coat.
Barry M Black Polish (Two Coats).
Konad Special Polish - White.



Glittermillie said...

I think it's really pretty! I think you have definitely got the hang of it :)
I only have 2 plates so far. m3 and m56. I love them both! I plan to get many, many poor credit card ;)

Louise H said...

thats nice :) I need to get myself one of those - is ebay the best place

hazeleyes said...

oooh thats looks lovely! I've been wanting to try the konad plates for ages!! xXx