Thursday, July 02, 2009

Look At Me! - Clynol Review.

For the past few weeks I have been using some of the 'Clynol - Look at Me' range. As soon as I saw the packaging for this range I was instantly attracted, with it's hot pink shiny finish, I love it!

I have been using the 'Look at me, Smoothing Styling Cream' and the 'Look at me, Delicious Boosting Hairspray' ..

So, let me tell you about the Look at me, Smoothing Styling Cream :

Price : £6.50 (Buy Here)

This is what the website says ..

Don't let your hair tease you - control unruly hair and rebel ends and step into the spotlight! This unique styling cream smoothes curly, wavy or straight hair into hair like silk. Heat activated styling balm to prepare the hair to reflect light and to give an irresistible smooth as silk appeal. Hold Factor 2 Shine Factor 1

My Thoughts .. I absolutely love this stuff! <3 .. I have to admit, I was a little put off at first with it being heat activated, and me not liking to blow dry my hair really, because of how frizzy it goes - But it does say that it smooths, and so I went for it. Well, the results were great. I just applied a small blob of this into my hands, rubbed them together, and distributed it through my hair - It has a delicious scent to it as well, kind of coco-nutty but it is not over powering. Anyway, I then blow dried my hair with my head tipped upside down brushing through it with my fingers - It was so easy to do! My hair normally hates the hair drier and completely tangles and there is never a chance of getting my fingers through it, let alone a comb! But this stuff is great, it made my hair so soft and my fingers were just gliding through my silky soft locks. Once it was dry I combed it though, preparing to straighten it but decided not too! I liked how this has made my hair look. It still had a wave to it (It always will unless I get the GHD's out!) but it looked nice, nice and smooth and really shiny. So I didn't straighten it, I left it natural and even received some compliments on how nice and healthy it looked. The one thing I will say though, Is to be careful when you apply it, you really don't need too much otherwise your hair will go greasy quickly, and avoid putting it near to the roots of your hair. You only need such a small amount that I am sure this 100mls will last me a while, and I will be getting some more when I have run out! Loves it.

Now, let me tell you about the Look at me, Delicious Boosting Hairspray :

Price : £7.45 (Buy Here)

This is what the website says ..

Be irresistible - make sure your style lasts all night. This long lasting finishing spray fixes your style in place and adds natural shine. Hold Factor 3 Shine Factor 1

Pretty short and sweet, huh?

Well so is my review! This is a lovely hairspray, It smells good and it does the job, it holds the hair in place without feeling rock hard and sticky, and it brushes out so easily. I had never used a 'higher end' hairspray before really, I always opted for a cheaper tin from my local chemist, but you can really tell the difference when you use a quality one.

I really love how it holds the style but the hair still looks natural and moves naturally, I also think it adds volume, I tip my head upside down and give a good spritz of this and I have great voluminous locks! Oh, and I also love the nozzle design, It keeps the spray going where you want it, rather than all over the place. I really love this hairspray, the packaging is pretty, it smells good and it holds well!

If you would like to purchase either of these products, or anything else from the look at me range, click here.


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