Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review : Body Shop Camomile Range.

I have recently been trying out a couple of skincare products from the Body Shop Camomile Range.

Here is what I have been trying :

Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover
Camomile Soothing Eye Serum

They are both available from The Body Shop online and in store.

So let me begin with the two Camomile products. I was excited to try these as I am always on the look out for an amazing make-up remover! I liked this remover, but it wasn't GREAT, I personally prefer to use a creamier/gel type textured eye make-up remover for my eye make-up and this is a liquid, like water. I found that to remove my eye make-up I had to use quite a lot of it to totally saturate a cotton pad, and I probably had to do it twice if I was wearing more make-up for an evening out. I do however love how soothing it felt on my eyes, I didn't rub to hard (I never do) and it left me with a really nice cooling sensation around the eye area.

So now, onto the eye cream! - I do really love this, I have been using it loads. It has the same soothing cool effect as the make-up remover but it is more of a thick cream consistency. I just dabbed it around my eye area morning and night and it reduced my puffiness within minutes and I also felt like it tightened the skin slightly, which I liked. The cream-like texture of the eye serum is how I wish the eye make-up remover had been, then I wouldn't have had to use so much and I feel it would remove my make-up much nicer.


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Soraya said...

Great review! I have just reviewed their vitamin C range on my blog if you're interested. For a really amazing cleanser I would suggest lush baby face.. it just melts everything off, even the huge quantities of mascara that i pile on my lashes! xx