Thursday, July 16, 2009

TAG : All About Me !!

Me :

Name: Sophie
Nicknames: Sophster
Birthday: 18 Dec
Place of Birth: Coventry
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Make up obsessed girl, Looking for a job in Make up/Beauty!
Residence: Leeds
Screen Name: Melovemakeup

Your Appearance :

Hair Colour: Brunette-ish
Hair Length : Just past my shoulders
Eye colour: Blue
Best Feature: My Eyes
Height: 5ft 8"
Braces?: Nope
Glasses?: Yes, I need them for some things
Piercing: Lots
Tattoos: Three
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your 'Firsts' :

First best friend: Elaine Sherman
First Award: Something at school, I don't know what
First Sport You Joined: Tennis, I think!
First Real Vacation: Blackpool possibly, I'm not sure!
First Concert: Craig David?! (I think)
First Love: Andy

Favourites :

Movie: Dirty Dancing
TV Show: The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent (Yeah, Reality TV - You with me?!)
Colours: Black and Pink
Song: I can't choose!
Candy: Oooh, Umm.. *Thinks*
Sports to Play: I'm not a sporty girl!
Restaurant: Via, Manchester (Currently my fave)
Store: That's a hard one :)
School: I hated school, I don't have a favourite
Book: Twilight, Martina Cole
Magazine: Heat, New, Glamour
Shoes: I have too many to choose from

Currently :

Feeling: A bit YUK!
Single or Taken: Taken
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Pepsi Max
Typing: This!
Online: Yep
Listening To: Nothing other than my BF clicking the mouse on the PC
Thinking About: What other blogs I need to get done
Wanting: Chocolate
Watching: Nothing right now
Wearing: Black cropped trousers and a pink top

Future :

Want Children? I don't know
Want to be Married: One day
Careers in Mind: Successful Make up artist
Where do you want to live?: Near everyone I love

Have you ever :

Kissed a Stranger: When I was in my teens, Yeh
Had Alcohol: Indeed
Smoked: Yes
Ran Away From Home: No
Broken a bone: No *Touch Wood*
Got an X-ray: I'm unsure!
Broken Someone's Heart: I think so, but not sure
Broke Up With Someone: Yeah
Cried When Someone Died: Of course
Cried At School: Er, probably!

Do You Believe In :

God: Yes
Miracles: I think I do, Yep
Love At First sight: Yes
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: Yes
Soul Mates: Yup!
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Hmm!
Kissing on The First Date: Hell Yeah!
Yourself: Not enough :|

... I Tag :


Becky / Sirvinya
Magpie Sparkles
Mizz Worthy
This Modern Panda

And of course, anyone else who wants to do it :)


Anonymous said...

I love Martina Cole books too - if you like her you should try Manda-Sue Heller, she's a similar style and I think I prefer them!

Thanks for tagging me!! Will do this tomorrow :) x

Glittermillie said...

Ooooo I'm going to do this :)

Unknown said...

@ TalluluhBella -Thanks for the recommendation, I'll have a look! :) I look forward to seeing your answers!

@ Glittermillie -Yay! :) I can't wait to see it.

mizzworthy said...

Thanks for the tag!