Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recovering.. & Thank you ♥

Hey everyone, Looong time no post!

I haven't done a personal blog since I told you all about my operation and depressed you all with how sorry I was feeling for myself.

So I figured I would update you all on that. I will be two weeks post op tomorrow and I am definitely beginning to feel much better, more positive and more like myself again. It has been a shitty few weeks with lots of tears and pain and stuff but I feel like I'm starting to come out the other side now.

My boyfriend and I had to travel back from Plymouth to Leeds last week and we had a nightmare journey, missing one of our coaches and being transferred to a train.. I have traveled with national express so many times, but at a time when I shouldn't have been doing a long journey in my state anyway, it had to go wrong! .. But we got home in the end *hooray* The journey was uncomfortable and painful for me as I was only a week after my op at that time.

So anyway, I have been visiting the nurses at my surgery every day to have my dressing changed and they have been lovely to me, and gentle too! So I'm glad about that. I'm still having it changed regularly and probably will have to have for a few more weeks yet.. It's not pleasant, but it has to be done.

So, That's my update on me, I am much happier now than I was and I feel ready to get back to blogging, and even making some new videos. My BF (Who has been amazing through all of this) bought me a gorgeous new camera the other day [Fuji S1000fd - which is lush!] So that I can make videos again and take good pics for my blog :)

I have also been keeping myself busy with reorganizing my make up.. I came to the conclusion while unpacking that I was out of room to store any more make up, so me and the BF went and got some cool drawers so that my make up and can live happily in one place - which it now does, fab! I plan to do a little storage post soon.

Anyway, enough about me me me, I wanted to say a MASSIVE Thank you to every single one of you who has show concern and care for me these past few weeks, it really has meant a lot and helped me feel more positive.. All the comments on the blog post about me being in hospital and all the comments on twitter and stuff have been lovely, so thank you all for that, from the bottom of my heart.

I want to say a special thank you to two special Rebecca's too! - Panda Does Make up & Sirvinya Thank you soo much for the get well cards xx -- and Panda, thanks for the little gift package, It made my day - You're a sweetie xx

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Iona Cosmetics - Chri Ma Luxe Minerals.

Chri Ma Luxe Minerals are available from

I have recently tried a few products from this brand and I wanted to tell you about how amazing this make up range is. I've never been big on mineral make up really, I'd never really tried it - but recently my eyes have been opened to it and I am definitely looking into trying some more brands.

What Iona Cosmetics say about 'Chri Ma Luxe'

Iona Cosmetics is the ONLY stockist of Chri Ma Luxe Mineral Makeup in the UK (pronounced Kree Ma Lux). We have been so impressed with their makeup and brush range when testing their products we just thought we HAD to introduce them to you. The mineral cosmetics of ChriMaLuxe Minerals come in a range of fantastic colours to suit all skin tones with some gorgeous colours in the eyeshadows which are long lasting. Their brushes which are synthetic and therefore suitable for Vegans, are extremely soft and great for putting on powders and eyeshadows.

All ChriMaLuxe Mineral makeup is PARABEN FREE, CRUELTY FREE and 100% VEGAN (unless otherwise stated), and also free of nanoparticles. All products are generally free of additives such as preservative materials or aromas and do not contain any oils, greases or talcums.

Specific ingredients are listed against each product category/range.

So, onto the goods...

*Paradise Aqua Mineral Eyeshadow
*Purple Grape Mineral Eyeshadow
*Charcoal Mineral Eyeshadow
*Elegant Mineral Blusher
*All Swatched Dry*

The quality of these are amazing, I barely touched the products for the swatches, the pigmentation is amazing and the colours are vibrant. There is a whole range of the products, which can be found here.

I highly recommend these if you like good quality make up.. Oh, and the amazing Jude is the only UK stockist of Chri Ma Luxe minerals, So check them out - They really are lovely and so is Jude!

Blog Of The Week - Mizz Worthy.

Time for a new Blog Of The Week!

This week it goes to the amazing Jen [Mizz Worthy], Her blog is a great read and she often holds great giveaways. She also does brilliant joint contests with Illamasqua, As well as FOTD's and reviews!

You can check out and follow her blog by clicking here :


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Up and DOWN DOwn Down...

OK, So the UP's were meant to be :

* Going to the Body Shop Event tomorrow
* Feeling better after a visit to the docs on Monday
* Getting out and about in Plymouth while house sitting at my mums with my BF.

But instead, It's all gone to pot.

(Excuse the hospital shot, this was a few hrs after surgery, rough huh?)


* Going to the docs with a bad back an being told that I actually have a Pilonidal Abcess - Then being sent to hospital and finding out I need a proper surgical operation to get rid of it. (This was MEGA scary for me because I've never been in hospital before, or had surgery.) ...

* Being made to wait for 7 hrs before going for my operation (When I was told I would go in at 2.30pm and didn't go in until 6pm) and being told I could go home afterwards, but being kept in - although it was probably for the best as I was knocked for six and still feel iffy now.

* The nurse changing my dressing for the first time after surgery yesterday before I was allowed to go home - This seriously was the MOST painful feeling ever, I literally scream and sobbed hysterically .. It was so bad .. Not her fault though, as the wound is left open to heal from the inside out, so there for is packed, and will be packed until it is fully healed :( .. I had it redone at home today and it wasn't as bad but I'm still dreading tomorrow cos she used a different packing.

* So now, because of all this, I cannot attend the body shop event tomorrow, I am so gutted about this - Have fun everyone who is going! xx

* Pills, I have lots of medication to take now (I know it's for my own good) but do my anti-biotics need to be the size of a horse pill *blegh*

* Being VERY over emotional, I can't help it, I'm in shock and keep on crying because I can't believe this has happened. I woke from the anastethic bawling.

* THE BIG Downer for you guys is my whinging, I'm sorry. I'll stop now, otherwise I could go on, and on, and on, and on.. Yep, You get the picture.

So, I have a few UPS.

* My boyfriend, I love him and I am so glad he has been here with me every step of the way, looking after me, getting me what I need and just being fabulous - He has offered to take me make-up shopping tomorrow after my dressing change (If I feel up to it) - This is very sweet of him, because I know he hates it, but he says he knows how shopping cheers me up, bless him. I love him xx

* Realising I have more friends and people that care than I thought, I love all of you who have commented and supported me in the past few days thank you *sniffle*

* Seeing my mum and sis soon, she gets back from her holiday on the weekend and I know she is so worried about me, I am looking forward to seeing her.

- and that is all for now, I think. I'm tired now so might have a lie down.

Sorry for the big whinge people, forgive me.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Garnier Pure Active Review.

So, as I never made it to the Garnier Event when it happened Natalie was kind enough to send me some of the new skincare stuff to try. I have trouble with my skin quite often and am always open to trying new things.

The three items I tried are from the Garnier - Pure Active range.

*Pure Active 24h Spot Fighting Moisturiser £4.49
*Pure Active Deep Pore Unclogging Wash £3.59
*Pure Active Spot Roll On £5.59

So the first thing I tried was the face wash. It is a thick blue gel consistency and it lathered up really nicely on my face and felt cooling at the same time. It left my skin feeling really silky and all of my spots feeling soothed after the first use. For me this was an amazing result, I've never known anything work that well so quickly - My skin felt really clean and fresh. I have been using this all of the time ever since and it is one of my staples, I feel that along with the two other products I recieved from this range, my skin has improved. The only thing that may put some people off slightly is that this smells sort of chemically and when I'm massaging it into my face sometimes it would catch in my throat - but for me this is no big deal, it works and that's the main thing for me.

Onto the moisturiser, this stuff I LOVE big time, it is a soothing cooling gel that smells delicious, kind of cucumber-ish and it feels amazing on my skin, it absorbs nicely and feels like it soothes my skin. I use this every time I use the facewash and I feel that in conjunction with it that my skin has improved, I have definetely had a lot less spots since using these products and if I do feel any spots coming up and I use this, they dry up before they get to the 'red/angry/painful' stage.

Last but not least, The spot roll on. I was so excited about this and had been eager to try it out - after already reading mixed reviews I was unsure if it would do any good, but it definetely gets a thumbs up from me. It instantly soothes any spots I get, It feels so cooling when I roll it on, and it drys quickly into the skin and it definetely dries up my spots. As I said before, when I get a new spot and I use this I feel it dries them up before they get to the point of becoming nasty spots.

So I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the whole range and I am now really keen to try out the toner and the facial scrub too, because these three products have worked SO well for my skin.

I feel like at the moment my skin is in a much better state that it has ever been. It isn't completely clear, but I don't think it ever will be. But I feel much more confident about wearing a lighter foundation and letting my natural skin show through more often, instead of covering it up all the time.


Blog Award!

Thank you sooo to Miss Tacky Blue Eyeshadow for nominating me as one of her favourite blogs to read!

I will now nominate 12 blogs that I love to read for this award!

Mine are as follows..

1- Vex in the City
2- Glitter Millie
3- Swirledpeacat
4- Bubblegarm
5- Lipglossiping
6- Happy1234
7- Dressjunkie
8- Magpie Sparkles
9- Sirvinya
10- Mizz Worthy
11- Oxford Jasmine
12- Panda does Makeup

Love all of your blogs, girls.

Blog Of The Week - Sirvinya.

It's time again for my blog of the week!

This week I have chosen Sirvinya/Becky .. She is an absolute star and someone who I class as a good friend.

Her blog is a good read with FOTDs, Reviews and swatches a plenty.

So, if you haven't checked her out yet, why not?!

Head on over to and strart following!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Superdrug Summer Campaign!

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to let you all know about the Superdrug Summer Campaign, It is a section on their website which you can see here - They have various offers available and if you sign up you have a chance of winning some cool exclusive prizes!

You also get 15% off if you spend £35 or more online (That's not difficult, is it?) and they send you beauty & make up tips along with the latest fashion/trend news.

Oh, and it's all FREE! Who can complain about that?

So why not get over there and sign up, now!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is a pretty pointless post, really.

I just wanted to let you all know that I have changed my layout... Yes, again!

I told you I get bored quickly.. I don't think I ever actually liked the other new one that much, but I think I am quite happy with this one, and it may last longer than a week.

I hope you are all well anyway, I'm not great - I am in a great deal of pain with my lower back, my Coccyx to be precise and it is pure agony, especially at bedtime, I cannot move at all when I lie down.. It's terrible - So I haven't had a proper nights sleep for a few nights! :¬[

We think the cause is sitting for a long time, the BF and I traveled to Plymouth (To house sit for my mum while she is in Turkey) and the coach journey was a long, bum aching ten hours! .. Someone reccomended Voltarol, so we went and got some today.. Fingers crossed that they take the pain off. I want it to be better for the Body Shop event!

Who's going to that? I'm invited to the afternoon session.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Blog Of The Week - Dressjunkie.

It's time again for my blog of the week.

This week It's Arlene from Dressjunkie She is a lovely lady who does some great posts about all sorts of things, So check her out if you haven't already.

Watch her videos on youtube here too, she has a lovely Irish accent!


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Green FOTD

Not the best make-up look in the world, but just a random day to day look that I thought I would post on here. I did this a week or so ago with a new pigment/eye dust that I won at a small event I was at recently. (Trust the make-up obsessed girl to pick a ticket that wins her make-up - Bonus!)

I thought it would be rubbish, but it isn't bad. It is made my W7 who I know nothing of and can't find a proper website for, and the colour is called 'Envy' and it's a stunning bright green which I really like.

So there you have it, have you heard of these or tried their products?

PS: Excuse the eyebrows, They needed plucking. :D


What's In - What's Out? Click and find out!

I haven't done this for flippin' ages!

-My latest haul :) Got some nice goodies in Superdrug. (Last time now for a while though because we are really poor)
-The BF and I Getting a new camera, we're hopefully picking this baby up tomorrow! *Grin*
-Birds Eye Simply Fish Salmon, This shiz is seriously delish!
-Going to Plymouth to see my family on Tuesday. I haven't seen my mum and little sis since Christmas, and I've never been away from them for that long.
-Barry M Pink Flamingo nail polish! It lasts ages and it such a hot colour!

-Having crap will power, It has to change.
-Having to pack for three weeks in Plymouth (The boyfriend and I will be house and dog sitting while my mum, her partner and my sister go to Turkey) I'm not looking forward to packing, I hate it.
-The ten hour coach journey to Plymouth and then back again. The coach is so uncomfortable and hot, and it takes ages! (but cheaper than the train)
-Bitches, I hate people who slag others off and bitch for stupid reasons.. Get a life.

New Look Blog!

I've changed up the layout a little today.. This is something I do quite regularly because I always get bored of things and like to change them!

So, here it was before:

And of course now : (I just realised this pic is pointless cos that picture is of the blog you are now on!)

.. Anyway, I'm unsure if I 'LOVE' it .. I might change again later!... So indecisive!

What do you think?

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Blog Of The Week - Lipglossiping.

So, I've decided to start giving some praise where it is due and showing you all my favourite blog of the week, each week.

This week it is the lovely Charlotte from Lipglossiping her blog is excellent, I love how she writes, and she takes amazing photographs as well as doing gorgeous FOTDs and showing us her beautiful new baby girl too.

I can't believe how little followers she has, because her blog really is a great read.

So, I completely recommend you go check her out/follow her for some great reads.