Sunday, August 16, 2009

Garnier Pure Active Review.

So, as I never made it to the Garnier Event when it happened Natalie was kind enough to send me some of the new skincare stuff to try. I have trouble with my skin quite often and am always open to trying new things.

The three items I tried are from the Garnier - Pure Active range.

*Pure Active 24h Spot Fighting Moisturiser £4.49
*Pure Active Deep Pore Unclogging Wash £3.59
*Pure Active Spot Roll On £5.59

So the first thing I tried was the face wash. It is a thick blue gel consistency and it lathered up really nicely on my face and felt cooling at the same time. It left my skin feeling really silky and all of my spots feeling soothed after the first use. For me this was an amazing result, I've never known anything work that well so quickly - My skin felt really clean and fresh. I have been using this all of the time ever since and it is one of my staples, I feel that along with the two other products I recieved from this range, my skin has improved. The only thing that may put some people off slightly is that this smells sort of chemically and when I'm massaging it into my face sometimes it would catch in my throat - but for me this is no big deal, it works and that's the main thing for me.

Onto the moisturiser, this stuff I LOVE big time, it is a soothing cooling gel that smells delicious, kind of cucumber-ish and it feels amazing on my skin, it absorbs nicely and feels like it soothes my skin. I use this every time I use the facewash and I feel that in conjunction with it that my skin has improved, I have definetely had a lot less spots since using these products and if I do feel any spots coming up and I use this, they dry up before they get to the 'red/angry/painful' stage.

Last but not least, The spot roll on. I was so excited about this and had been eager to try it out - after already reading mixed reviews I was unsure if it would do any good, but it definetely gets a thumbs up from me. It instantly soothes any spots I get, It feels so cooling when I roll it on, and it drys quickly into the skin and it definetely dries up my spots. As I said before, when I get a new spot and I use this I feel it dries them up before they get to the point of becoming nasty spots.

So I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the whole range and I am now really keen to try out the toner and the facial scrub too, because these three products have worked SO well for my skin.

I feel like at the moment my skin is in a much better state that it has ever been. It isn't completely clear, but I don't think it ever will be. But I feel much more confident about wearing a lighter foundation and letting my natural skin show through more often, instead of covering it up all the time.



Parisa said...

I'm so so glad it's working for you miss (:
You've made me want to go out and buy the whole range haha!
Great review, thankyou! xxx

Lipglossiping said...

Great review, glad you're seeing the benefits. Wanted to tell you that I hauled the little eye pigment things from Primark on Sunday, I saw them and thought of the swatches you did - so thanks!