Saturday, August 29, 2009

Iona Cosmetics - Chri Ma Luxe Minerals.

Chri Ma Luxe Minerals are available from

I have recently tried a few products from this brand and I wanted to tell you about how amazing this make up range is. I've never been big on mineral make up really, I'd never really tried it - but recently my eyes have been opened to it and I am definitely looking into trying some more brands.

What Iona Cosmetics say about 'Chri Ma Luxe'

Iona Cosmetics is the ONLY stockist of Chri Ma Luxe Mineral Makeup in the UK (pronounced Kree Ma Lux). We have been so impressed with their makeup and brush range when testing their products we just thought we HAD to introduce them to you. The mineral cosmetics of ChriMaLuxe Minerals come in a range of fantastic colours to suit all skin tones with some gorgeous colours in the eyeshadows which are long lasting. Their brushes which are synthetic and therefore suitable for Vegans, are extremely soft and great for putting on powders and eyeshadows.

All ChriMaLuxe Mineral makeup is PARABEN FREE, CRUELTY FREE and 100% VEGAN (unless otherwise stated), and also free of nanoparticles. All products are generally free of additives such as preservative materials or aromas and do not contain any oils, greases or talcums.

Specific ingredients are listed against each product category/range.

So, onto the goods...

*Paradise Aqua Mineral Eyeshadow
*Purple Grape Mineral Eyeshadow
*Charcoal Mineral Eyeshadow
*Elegant Mineral Blusher
*All Swatched Dry*

The quality of these are amazing, I barely touched the products for the swatches, the pigmentation is amazing and the colours are vibrant. There is a whole range of the products, which can be found here.

I highly recommend these if you like good quality make up.. Oh, and the amazing Jude is the only UK stockist of Chri Ma Luxe minerals, So check them out - They really are lovely and so is Jude!

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Becky said...

Chri Ma Luxe are wonderful, aren't they? Love your swatches!