Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Up and DOWN DOwn Down...

OK, So the UP's were meant to be :

* Going to the Body Shop Event tomorrow
* Feeling better after a visit to the docs on Monday
* Getting out and about in Plymouth while house sitting at my mums with my BF.

But instead, It's all gone to pot.

(Excuse the hospital shot, this was a few hrs after surgery, rough huh?)


* Going to the docs with a bad back an being told that I actually have a Pilonidal Abcess - Then being sent to hospital and finding out I need a proper surgical operation to get rid of it. (This was MEGA scary for me because I've never been in hospital before, or had surgery.) ...

* Being made to wait for 7 hrs before going for my operation (When I was told I would go in at 2.30pm and didn't go in until 6pm) and being told I could go home afterwards, but being kept in - although it was probably for the best as I was knocked for six and still feel iffy now.

* The nurse changing my dressing for the first time after surgery yesterday before I was allowed to go home - This seriously was the MOST painful feeling ever, I literally scream and sobbed hysterically .. It was so bad .. Not her fault though, as the wound is left open to heal from the inside out, so there for is packed, and will be packed until it is fully healed :( .. I had it redone at home today and it wasn't as bad but I'm still dreading tomorrow cos she used a different packing.

* So now, because of all this, I cannot attend the body shop event tomorrow, I am so gutted about this - Have fun everyone who is going! xx

* Pills, I have lots of medication to take now (I know it's for my own good) but do my anti-biotics need to be the size of a horse pill *blegh*

* Being VERY over emotional, I can't help it, I'm in shock and keep on crying because I can't believe this has happened. I woke from the anastethic bawling.

* THE BIG Downer for you guys is my whinging, I'm sorry. I'll stop now, otherwise I could go on, and on, and on, and on.. Yep, You get the picture.

So, I have a few UPS.

* My boyfriend, I love him and I am so glad he has been here with me every step of the way, looking after me, getting me what I need and just being fabulous - He has offered to take me make-up shopping tomorrow after my dressing change (If I feel up to it) - This is very sweet of him, because I know he hates it, but he says he knows how shopping cheers me up, bless him. I love him xx

* Realising I have more friends and people that care than I thought, I love all of you who have commented and supported me in the past few days thank you *sniffle*

* Seeing my mum and sis soon, she gets back from her holiday on the weekend and I know she is so worried about me, I am looking forward to seeing her.

- and that is all for now, I think. I'm tired now so might have a lie down.

Sorry for the big whinge people, forgive me.



Louise H said...

Aw you poor, poor thing that sounds nasty :( honey - hope the next dressing change isn't as painful and that your feeling better soon xx

Unknown said...

Oh my days, Im glad its all sorted now and your on the mend.
Take care and get well soon :)
*sends get well hugs*
Also its nice that you have alot of people who care and you boyfriend sounds lovely :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Ahh Sophie, sorry that you are feeling poorly and can't make TBS :(

At least you have your boyfie to look after you and take care of you.

Hope you feel better soon chick x

Fabulously Thrifty said...

OMG that is not even close to whining for what you had to go through. I hope you heal super fast! Feel better!!!

Scarlett said...

Bless your heart! Know you are in my thoughts & prayers!! *hugs* xox

....Faffaholic.... said...

Poor you, I didn't realise how bad you were feeling. I know someone that's had the same problem, so know how horrid it is :-( It'll take a while, but you'll get there.

Having a boyfriend at a time like now is the time you realise just how much you need them. Bless him.

Hope you're feeling much better soon.


CBethGlitter said...

Oh, this sounds horrible :( I hope you start feeling abit better soon.
Boyfriends are great at times like this, just a little cuddle can make you feel loads better :)

Carlito86 said...

Oh no hun, I'm so sorry to hear this :( Hope you feel better soon xxx

Lipglossiping said...

If anyone deserves a big whinge this week it's you Chicka. Hope you manage to get out shopping tomorrow and buy lots of lovely sparkly things that put a smile back on your face.

Get better soon xxxx

Anonymous said...

poor sophie :( it wasnt a whinge at all hun, dont you worry! your so brave! I hope you feel better soon hun, lots and lots and lots of love! francesca xxxxxxx

Skarletrubyjynx said...

Get well soon : ) I hate that feeling you get when you can't stop crying, just remember it's not your fault and things will get better

Becky said...

*Hugs* You deserve to winge after the last few days! Feel better soon hon xxx

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

Feel better!!!

Carlito86 said...

OH you poor thing :( I hope you're feeling better now xxx

Victoria said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough time! I hope you're feeling better soon.


Allthingspretty121 said...

Ouch! My dad just had the same thing! Painful! I hope you feel better soon and you deserve to be feeling a bit down! get well soon x