Sunday, September 27, 2009

Barry M Blush : My Thoughts.

I don't know about you, but I know that I was excited when I heard that Bazza M was finally bringing out a range of blushers! With the brands range of bright colours and good pigmentation, I was very excited and seeing them and trying them out..

Let me present to you.. Pink Orchid & Raspberry :)

Pink Orchid is a beautiful subtle bubble-gum-ish barbie pink, It's really pigmented and leaves a lovely pale rosy-ness on my cheeks. It is perfect for day to day and blends so easily.

Raspberry (Not for the faint hearted) is a hot shocking bright pink colour, extremely bright and to be used with a very very light hand! I went straight it with my stippling brush when I received it and woah! I looked like my mum did in the eighties! .. I've now played with it though, and less is more with this colour. It creates a lovely bright flushed finish.

Here be some swatches.

There you go, Pretty huh? .. Yep, I know.

So, the finish of both blushers is matte, which I like because I don't always want to look like my face is a ball of shimmery disco ball-ness. Both colours blend in effortlessly (although a bit more work is required with raspberry because it IS so bright) and they last really well on the cheeks.

Onto the packaging.. I am not going to say too much on it really, I have read a few reviews where people have slated the packaging and I guess I can see their side, but it doesn't really bother me. The blusher is only £4.25 so we can't expect anything too flashy now, can we? .. And anyway, the product inside is good, surely that's the main thing? - Let's not be shallow and judge this blusher by it's packaging!

One thing I will say though - The Brush! It really is pointless, scratchy and it sheds and there is no way you could apply such an amazing blusher with this!

So there you have my review, I love these blushers and will be branching out and trying some of the other shades soon. Have you tried them, what did you think?


Parisa said...

I have Pink Orchid, it's fantastic isn't it, Barry M are the best!
Great post. xxxx

Unknown said...

When I first saw swatches, I wanted to try them but then realised that I have dupes of the shades I liked in the form of MAC Azalea & Sweetness (LE).
I also read from 3 people that they were chalky I'll be passing on these. I really don't need anymore blushers. I have over 45!

Le Cocon de Voune said...

I have 2 of them and they are really pigmented indeed...I think I need to try pink orchid as well!
Thanks for the review xxx

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

Fantastic post! You've tempted me to go get some of these!


Sofia said...

Very cute blushes!

Barry M Cosmetics said...

Great review! We all love different shades of the blushers here - there is definitely a colour to suit everyone!!

Lipglossiping said...

Pink Orchid looks lovely!!