Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hair colour and Cut!

I wanted to show off my new hair colour that my mum dyed for me last week, I am sooo lucky to have a the best mum in the world, who is also a hairdresser <3 I was long overdue some hair pampering, It had been well over a year since my mum had cut or coloured it for me. So I was looking forward to getting it sorted, I felt some pampering after all the crap I've been having lately would cheer me up, and it did! I like having 'done' hair. So, My mum used a Movida hair colour on me (which is semi permanent) We always use that colour on me nowadays and I find it lasts for ages, and when it fades away it does so naturally without you having ugly roots. The colour she used on me was number 23 - Chestnut Brown It is a gorgeous dark brown red colour, but it's not TOO dark.

My hair was also trimmed, layered and razored a bit.. It needed to be thinned out so much and feels so much better now (I have very thick hair and loads of it!) We decided I would keep it long as I have been trying to grow it for a while, and my mum said she likes the length on me.

So anyway, enough of my waffle, Let me show you the colour. I love it :) You'll notice my curls are more defined now too, due to the new fresh layers, It looks lovely when it's straightened, but I couldn't be bothered today.

What do you think? .. I think it's a nice colour and it makes my hair look much shinier and healthier now it's cut too.



Unknown said...

Lovely! The colour really warms up your skintone and the cut suits you too. How are you feelin these days? Much better I hope xx

Becky said...

That colour looks really good on you!

Unknown said...

Thanks Yinka :) .. I'm feeling ok, thank you - Still a little sorw and uncomfy but nothing too bad - I just wish I would be healed already, but it takes time. xx

Thanks Becky xx