Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Moon!!

So I realise that I am probably the last person to see this, cos I a so outta the loop!

But when Button Soph sent me a link to the New Moon trailer yesterday I have to say I almost pee'd my pants, Just a little. It gives me goosebumps eachtime I watch it and I absolutely CANNOT wait for it to be out!

So if you haven't seen it yet (I'm sure you have though) Then please share in my enjoyment...

WOW!! :)


Amanda said...

AHHH! I KNOW RIGHT! I'm sooo excited! You should read the books too!!

Unknown said...

I have!! Love them x

Unknown said...

I have seen it, a good 20 or 3 times haha, but I will happily watch again and share the enjoyment!

I am so ridiculously excited! I couldn't believe the first time I watched the trailer I missed RPatz with his top off! What's wrong with me o.O


Le Cocon de Voune said...

OMG OMG thanks for sharing!! I just come back from holidays and I didn't know about this new trailer! I can't wait for the movie to be out!!!
Thanks!! xxx