Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nude Lip Combo

Some of you may or may not know, that I am a huge fan of the nude lip look. I have had people moan and complain when I make a tutorial that I always do a 'boring' nude lip, blah blah... But it's what I like! Don't get me wrong, I like colour too, but a nude lip look is my absolute fave.

So, I wanted to share my current fave nude lip combo. I say current, because sometimes I use Barry M's 101 more often, but at the moment I am using a great lippie which is under £2.00 and gives a great look.

It is a lipstick in the shade 'Apple Blossom' from the Natural Collection range in Boots. For me it is the perfect nude and with a nice gloss on top (I'm loving L'Oreal 'Pearly Rose Glow' at the mo) It finishes it off nicely.

*This is a little pic heavy, be warned*

So, let me get on with this! First is a pic of my natural lips, I only have some lip balm on here, to prep my lips for the lipstick.

Here we have the combo of the apple blossom lipstick and pearly rose glow gloss.

A swatch of the gloss..

And the lipstick..

Apple Blossom on the lips, alone. Still a nice nude shade.

And with the Rose Glow Gloss on top, It finishes it off nicely, I think.

So, there you have it, My fave nude lip combo of the moment!

Do you love nude lips too? If so share with me your fave nude combos! :)



crazymakeupgirl said...

apple blossom is my fave too!, i like putting maybelline watershine gloss in crystal rocks over it :)


jobetterdays said...

I still haven't found a nude lipstick that doesn't make me look like a corpse!