Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Soft Hands & Kind Heart and Love Etc..

I'm sure most of you have heard of the new Body Shop perfume and the Soft Hands, Kind Heart hand cream by now, but I wanted to add my own little bit about them, So I'm gonna keep it brief!

First the 'Love Etc' Perfume. £11.70 for 30ml bottle (Perfect size for your handbag!)
Available in-store and online here.

Love in a bottle! .. This is such a gorgeous fragrance, Really fresh and feminine - It makes me happy when I spritz it on! The scent lingers for a long time too & It fits perfectly in my handbag, so I can take it everywhere with me. Once I'm out of it I will definitely be wanting another bottle or two to keep me going :)

Secondly, the Soft Hands, Kind Heart hand cream. This is £5 for a 75ml tube, and it is for an amazing cause! £3.45 of the £5 that you pay will go towards the Ecpat charity. Ecpat are a great charity who are very serious about stopping sex trafficking of children and young people. So I really think if you are reading this and you haven't purchased a bottle of this hand cream you should! You can buy it in stores, or on-line by clicking here.

So, I have read a few mixed reviews on the hand cream itself, some people don't think it's great and others love it. I am on the love side, It is a lovely thick non greasy texture that soaks in quickly and you only need a pea sized amount. It also has a lovely subtle citrus scent that lasts nicely.

What are you waiting for?! Go do your bit for Ecpat. I am going to buy a few bottles as small gifts for Christmas for friends. :)

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Tottering along said...

I love the hand cream, it's gorgeous!!! I will be doing the same for xmas pressies

Rosie xx xx