Sunday, October 25, 2009

Primark Nail Varnish!

I have been meaning to blog about these nail polishes for god knows how long, but with what's been happening and stuff, I forgot. I'm doing it now though :)

So, I saw these 'Primark - Glo Baby Glow UV Reactive nail polishes' whilst shopping with my mum before she went on her hols in August. The colours caught my eye to start with because they are all so bright and vivid, So I decided to get a couple of them to try, and I was so impressed, I got a couple more!

They are so opaque and apply so smoothly, you could get away with one thick coat of this polish, but I normally go for two thinner coats, because I hate waiting a long time for a thicker coat to dry. I haven't been anywhere with UV lights to see how they glow under the lights, but I am intrigued!

So anyway, here are swatches if the four I have, without and with flash.

The bottle is 8mls and they are only £2 each Bargain! I really rate these polishes, they are good quality, and an equally good price!

Have any of you tried these?

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BeautyScientist said...

He he! I love those colours. Not only are they bright and fun, but they are spread very evenly and giving good coverage if the photos are any guide.

Louise H said...

ooo I haven't seen these

Louise - Freckled Elle said...

Oh wow these look awesome!

Elsa said...

cute colors....looks yummy (candies please)!

Anonymous said...

wauww i livee in the netherlands and there they don't have nail polish in the primark
I (L) primark