Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Cloud Nine Wide Iron - Less Heat, More Style.

*Warning! This is going to be a MAMMOTH post with lots of pictures, So make sure you have got a cuppa and that you're sitting comfortably!*

OK? Let's go! :)

So, When I was fortunate enough to be asked if I would like to try and review some hair straighteners from Cloud 9, I jumped at the chance, I love straightening my hair and love my faithful GHDs and was really interested to see if anything could live up to that!

If you don't know of Cloud 9 then go see their website They're the founders of GHDs and are making these straighteners with Unil Electronics, who are the inventors of the GHD*, Sounds exciting, Right?

I was sent the Wide Iron because I have curly/frizzy hair and need something good and big to get through it! The fact that they are wide is something I was excited about, because the GHDs that I have are the standard size, not wide, probably only about an inch or so, and I have been wanting to get some good wide straighteners for ages because of how much quicker and easier it would be for me.

Here are some of the features of the Cloud 9 irons :

The Cloud Nine Wide Iron has all the fantastic technology of the Cloud Nine Iron but with wider plates. Ideal for very long, very thick or hair with a tight natural curl, the width of the irons allows you to style more hair, faster.

* Temperature Control Panel
* Extra wide Black Ceramic Plates
* Swivel Cord
* Heat Guard
* Hibernation Mode
* RFID Chip
* Dual Adaptor

Their motto is 'Less Heat, More Style' and the irons have a controllable heat feature for certain hair types, so that you are not damaging your hair with 200° - 230° heat if it is only fine and you don't need them to be that hot.

There is a chart on their website that indicates what heat to use for whatever style you want, according to your hair type. I really like the idea of this, so if you are not wanting poker straight hair and you just want it to look natural then you can turn them down and natural looking straight hair is yours. They also have some handy styling tips too.

They come with a lovely bright blue protector to slide over the plates when they're not in use and they are also said to have a secret ingredient trapped within their plates, that adds shine and sparkle to your hair every time you use them! :)

So anyway, I guess you all want to know exactly what I thought of them..

First things first, the packaging : WOW! I was blown away when I opened these, I was like an excited child on Christmas Day. They come in a sleeve which has all the info on it and the logo, this slides off, to reveal a lovely black box which itself is a strong sturdy box that opens upwards. When you open it you are wowed by bright turquoise trim around the edge.

How pretty are they!!? The box has their motto on the inside of the lid in that lovely eye catching turquoise again and he C9 logo is stamped into the side of them and along the top they have cloud nine in bold silver lettering.

Here is a sneaky peek at the heat controls, They are easy to use and you just click on the 'Hi / Lo' button to whichever heat setting you want to use. They also have a hibernation mode so that if you forget to switch them off and they're not picked up for ten minutes, they switch themselves off! How clever is that? I actually love this feature, because I once broke a pair by leaving them on and forgetting.

.. OK! I now promise to stop telling you all about how great they are and show you some action!

So, I washed my barnet the night before I intended on straightening my hair, I always like to let it dry naturally rather than blow drying with heat, and they straightening with yet more heat. So, I put plenty of heat protection in and left it to dry. (I always use this, it is good stuff! Ooh and look, it matches the packaging colours!)

This is what my hair looks like after it has dried naturally, frizzy and poofy and not very attractive! It was curly when I woke up, but when brushed those curls turn to this frizzy mess!

Looks like this is gonna be hard work, doesn't it?!

Well let me tell you something, It wasn't at all! These irons are so easy to use, they were hot before I knew it and I was ready to battle the mop that is my hair! I started off with the underneath and took small sections (as I normally would) and with only one swipe my hair was poker straight (I had them on the full 200° heat) I soon realised that because of the wider plate I could take double the section size that I normally would.. Superb!

Within 10 minutes I was finished and cooing over how great my hair looked in the mirror, I was seriously impressed. The shine that their secret sparkly ingredient adds leaves on the hair is so lovely, I haven't seen my hair so shiny in a long time.

And so here are the results for you all to see.. My hair afterwards!

Nice result, Right? The photo's made me wow over how great the results were even more so, I cannot believe that is my hair that is so sleek and so shiny!

So, I have to say that these Cloud 9's are my new love! I had gotten out of the habit of straightening my hair for the past year or so and I would only ever do it for a special occasion because I just couldn't be bothered to spend nearly half an hour going over small sections of my hair. But I am happy to report that with these wide plates and only ten minutes of my time, I will be sporting straight hair much more often. I think it looks so much nicer than me putting my frizzy curls into a messy bun all of the time.

So I owe a BIG thank you to Cloud 9 for giving me passion to want to have nice straight hair back, I am so happy!! :)

- You can buy these online for £129.50 - Click Here.
- Cloud Nine Official Website.
- Cloud Nine Twitter.
- Cloud Nine Facebook.

(*ghd is a registered trademark of the Jemella Group Ltd.)

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Victoria said...

Wow.. the results are really really good! :) xx

Unknown said...

I know :) I love them! x

Becky said...

Wow, your hair is so shiney!!

mizzworthy said...

Fab! Not surprised you were so happy!

dressjunkie said...

These look amazing!!! Price is seriously OMFG!! tho LOL. I guess you really do pay for quality, but unless someone buys me these for Christmas I'm just going to have to live vicariously through you! xxx

Unknown said...

@ Sirvinya : I know, I was amazed at how shiny they made my hair! :)

@ Mizzworthy : I know, I', so glad I got the opportunity to try them!

@ Dressjunkie : They are expensive and in all if I wasn't fortunate enough to have been sent them to review I would never have afforded them unless I had put them on my Christmas list. They are lovely though! xx

Jo Ellis said...

wow your hair looks amazing!!! And only ten minutes? thats brilliant

Celebrity Inspired said...

I got to try these the other week too. The results are pretty impressive

nina said...

The pictures speak for themselves, cloud 9 hair straightener are much better then most other straighteners. Which size are you using i was looking at getting the medium