Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lula Bloom Smellies - Blooming Gorgeous!

I was sent these a couple of weeks ago to test/review and since then I have been using them in my daily shower.

They arrived in a gorgeous Superdrug box which was full of pink tissue paper and a little note. I am a sucker for nice packaging, and this was like receiving and exciting gift!

So, onto the goods - I was sent the following :

Lula Bloom Shower Exfoliator

Lula Bloom Shower Gel
Lula Bloom Body Butter
Lula Bloom Body Lotion

Firstly, I was amazed at the size of the products, they are all huge and will last for absolutely ages.

They all smell divine to me, It is a very light fruity fragrance when you smell it in the tub, but when you use them the fragrance seems to just burst out of it.

The shower gel is thick and luxurious and lathers up really well. I used a small fifty pence piece size blob and that was plenty to cover me in a lovely bubbly lather!

The exfoliator is lovely, It doesn't feel too harsh on the skin at all, It is like the shower gel, but with the exfoliating particles in it, So I would just alternate and use the shower gel one day, exfoliator the next. My skin always looks glowy after using this and feels so smooth.

Onto the body lotion and butter. They are both so nice! The lotion is in a pump bottle which is huge and smells lush. I use this after exfoliating and it has a fairly thin consistency, but not runny. It soaks into the skin really quickly without feeling greasy and leaves the lovely sweet scent on your body for ages.

The Body butter is such a treat! So thick and creamy and luxury in a tub, I seriously love this. It is not greasy at all and I love how it just melts into the skin as you massage it in. It left my skin not only smelling delightful, but looking and feeling great too.

You can find products from the Lula Bloom range here . They are very reasonably priced products, and will last you for such a long time! And if you get in there now they have 3 for 2 on the products, Woo!

I am keen to try more from this range and I plan on getting the 3 in 1 oil and the Body scrub to try next.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh i saw these yesterday while shopping and they smelt scrummy, i was soo tempted to buy them, im gutte di didnt now lol