Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Luscious Lashes!

Max Factor's False Lash Effect is THE one for me when I want volume and length on my lashes, It cost me around the £10 mark, but it is so worth it, I am always amazed at the effect it has on my lashes when I apply it, even with just one coat, which is all I applied for the pictures below.

It's really black, a nice formula that doesn't take too long to dry and gives a good effect to the lashes, Not sure they look 'False' though?

Oh, and apparently it is exactly the same as Covergirl lashblast from the US, which is lots cheaper.. Is this true?

♥ ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙ ♥


Unknown said...

I LOVE this mascara!! It's my absolute favourite. I don't think it looks like false lashes, then again, I've never used false lashes. I can't comment about Covergirl, but a friend showed me her Avon Supershock mascara and its the same brush! Currently its only £5 online! x

Isamaur said...

What a beautiful result that this mascara!
Kisses Isa

Unknown said...

OoOO.. Im on the lookout for a new mascara, might give this one a go. xxxx

Unknown said...

Got this mascara on my christmas list! How sad is it that I can't wait to try it out on Thursday? Haha! :)
I've also heard the same thing about the LashBlast and Max Factor have bought Cover Girl, so who knows? I'd like to know if they're the same though, especially if you can get hold of the LashBlast for half the price of the False Lash!