Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clothes, Not make up..

Crazily, with the money that I had left over from my Christmas and Birthday I didn't know what to buy, but I did know that I would be whinged at if I bought more make up and beauty related stuff, because I received lots for presents, and bought some with my money already. I decided I was going to go for some nail stuff, but then got completely swayed by a sale on yours clothing, This is a website I recently came across and the clothes look fab, and the reviews were good and they sell nice fashionable clothing for larger ladies!

So, while browsing the sale they have the other night, I spontaneously decided that is what I was going to spend my money on, and so I placed the order there and then, because if I mull over things I change my mind because I start to think of all the eyeshadow I could buy instead.

I am glad I chose to get myself some clothes, I need them and these are pretty clothes.. The only thing is they are glam evening clothes rather than day to day, but hey ho, you can't have it all can you!.. Atleast I can know I have something nice to wear for any future night out now.

So, I am sat here, blogging about them and waiting for the postie to bring me them today, I went for next day delivery, so they should be here before six o clock tonight. I am surprisingly excited to get them, and it's been a while since I got excited over clothes - Go me!

So here is what I ordered, if anyone is interested.. (Pictures from the website)


Unknown said...

That dress is gorgeous! And I do the same, I always think to much and then decide not to buy anything! XO

Cat said...

I absolutely love the first black dress. I have found myself spending a lot more om fashion than beauty lately, I hit the sales hard!


Lu - The Pink Bandit said...

I really love the first dress. Hope you love them when you get them :) x

BrionyLou said...

The first dress is beautiful, it looks like it would be really flattering too! I'm a sucker for a bit of sparkle :)


immarafrancesca said...

You should check Faith 21 of Forever 21 as well! :) Thanks for the website. I can't find flattering dresses besides at F21. Most of the other shoes sell more mature clothes. :/