Friday, January 29, 2010

My Christmas Gifts Haul! `

Hey all!

It's time for my Christmas Haul/Presents post.. a couple of these were birthday gifts, but because the two were so close I left them in there.. *Warning!* this is picture heavy.. Just so you can see everything!

Besides what you see here I got some money, which you can see what I bought here and here too. I also bought some new clothes and trousers, but haven't bothered photographing all of that. I also got chocolate which has been consumed already and I got a New Moon calendar which is on my wall already! I also got some new undies and PJamas, which I didn't think you'd want to see either! Haha!

So, onto the goodies!

[Gorgeous Animal Laptop Bag. This is a web image as I only received it yesterday as it had a delayed delivery on it, So my mum had it sent here. It's lovely though.]

[Soap & Glory Right Manicure Set - This is too cute, smells yummy and has cute little moisturising gloves in too!]

[Slippers! OMG These are adorable, fur lined leopard print purple and so warm!]

[Dressing gown, this is soft and warm and really pretty, looks too cute with my new slippers!]

[My amazing new phone, This was my main pressie and I am loving it so much! It does so much and is a cute colour.]

[Rio nail art kit, I haven't played with this much yet, but the varnishes are great and so pigmented! Can't wait to create some funky looks with it!]

[Charms to go on my new phone, I have one on it now, They are sweet - Take That DVD, this is awesomeness, You gotta love the boys!]

[This set came in a giftbox thingy, It's really nice, I love the colours, I love the cream shadow sticks and eyeliners and the mascara is really fab and the eyeshadows are pretty.]

[This also came as a gift set, The colours are stunning and not ones that I owned already, and the liner is packed with glitter, I created a look with this here.]

[Cute little make up bag to hold my new make up goodies, this little baby is from primark and actually matches a handbag I have from there. I love the zip detail and the pink lining!]

[LUSH Happy Christmas box set, Lovely! My sister gave me this, and it is gorgeous! I pictured the Cinders seperately because I used it a while ago, Review here. Everything in this set smells so Christmassy and Spicy and I love it! The packaging is amazing too!]

[ Charlie giftset, containing body sprays and nail set and polish and Revlon Party Set, Which I blogged about here.]

[Ah, The Urban Decay Super Stash! This is fab! I love all of the colours and the liners are Uh Ma Zing! They last for ages. I was so pleased to get this.]

[Take That Calendar, This is in my Make up room. Cute Hot Water Bottle, Some sparkle hair bands and a metallic liner and lashes set from Primark and a cute phone case and charm with my name on!]

[Books, we all love to read, right? .. I haven't read any of them yet, but I will enjoy them when I do.. I love a good book!]

[Beckham Signature Perfume Set! This smells absolutely gorgeous and lasts for ages too, I really love it.]

[Black Sequin Dress]
[Black and Purple Detail Tops]
[&... Sparkly Tux jacket! .. These were all things I ordered with Christmas money a couple of weeks ago online, They are all fab and I love them. I blogged about them briefly here.]

[Lastly, Some hairbrushes, which I needed! This has a selection of four inside :) Good stuff!]

Sheesh! I'm all done.. That took ages.. I hope you enjoyed it, and please don't think I am bragging, I am not.. people wanted to see, and I wanted to share.. I was spoiled and feel very fortunate.

Thanks to everyone who bought me these gifts! I love you all.. If you're reading, which you are probably not!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Unknown said...

Love all your presents :) XO

Glittermillie said...

I love posts like this! I'm so nosey to see what people buy/receive :)

I got the Urban Decay Super Stash too and I love it soooo much!

I've been thinking about getting the Tocco.. is it good for going online etc? Is it easy to text with?

I'm a big Take That fan also! I need to get that DVD...

You got some really nice stuff. Love it all. Those slippers and dressing gown look so comfy!

Skarletrubyjynx said...

I have that take that DVD, it has become a staple for days when I'm stuck indoors haha. Those rio nail kits are pretty good as well, I used mine last Friday and everyone so far has been asking where I had my nails done :)

Lu - The Pink Bandit said...

Lovely pressies!

I love the slippers and dressing gown in particular. x

Unknown said...

Great haul! Really nice stuff! My Mum got the Take That DVD for christmas and i'm looking forward to watching it so much, i love me some take that.
Wish i had bought the UD super stash when i had the chance.