Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Oh LUSH, How I love you! - My Lush Haul!

Eeek, I'm excited!! Wait? Do I sound crazy? .. Oh well! I am really really excited! *does a dance*

So, yesterday I finally got to go shopping with my Birthday/Christmas money and I was dying to go into the Lush shop. All I have been reading since boxing days are blog posts about how you get loads of good freebies when you spend a certain amount in Lush at the moment.

So, I arrived at my lush and was greeted with a big smile, and asked if I was going to be taking advantage of the offer, I smiled and nodded. Then I spent about 20 mins or so browsing Lush for goodies that I wanted to try.

Here is what I got..

I am a huge Bubble Bar fan, which is why I picked out two of them, I have used the comforter before and I loves it, and I have read about the blue skies one, so thought I would give it a whirl. I went for the Marshmallow thing because Foundonfilm did a video the other day about it and she said it was one of her faves, So I thought I would try it. I know it's not bubbly, but it smells good and is such a pretty colour!

The Dark Angels is something I had been looking at for a while, It is a face cleanser/exfoliator product that is made with coal! It is like a tub full of black powder, and is extremely messy, but good for problem skin like mine apparently, So we'll see!

The tea tree toner is another thing I have read about and was eager to try out, again, it is supposed to be good for acne prone skin, like mine. :)

... Sooo, They are the goodies that I bought, Now onto the goodies I was given in my FREE goodie bag!! This is unbelievable and I could not believe how much stuff was in there when I looked at it all when I got home!

Tell me your jaw isn't on the floor right now!! .. It is, Isn't it? .. Yep! Mine was too, amazing freebie-fest or what?! I now have enough Lush to last me for a good while. I also got a giftbox set from My sister for Christmas, which I will be blogging about later.

Oh, here is how much all of what you have just seen cost me...


Caz said...

This offer is one of the best i've ever seen in Lush - my free products came to about £28 and I only spent £20.98 to get it!
I also got a comforter which I love!

Unknown said...

Thats so cool, I got a lot of good stuff in my goody bag, but it was mostly bath stuff which I am allergic to so the BF benefitted the most!

Unknown said...

oooh the comforter is lovely, it lasts so many baths too.
Enjoy using all that stuff. I love Lush xx

Unknown said...

I love lush stuff & i love the comforter, just ran out of mine, but I had so many lush gift boxes for christmas that I have enough too last me for ages!
Enjoy! XO

Lauren ♥ said...

im so jealous!!
defo a good deal you grabbed there =]

DisGoBaby said...

That's amazing, I need to get some stuff fr me and my pregnant little sister so this is the perfect excuse!! Great post, I want everything you bought (and got free) and i've never tried the comforter so will defo add that to my list for tomorrow, mwah! xxx

tennille said...

wow looks like you indeed got spoiled! the best way, the lush way! xx

Laura said...

ahh when does this end?
i musttt take advantage but dont think il get money til nd of next week :( xxx

*Dainty*Dollymix* said...

Amazing haul my lovely! i went to lush yesturday (same one as you, in leeds!) after seeing this amazing post and all the goodies you got & got exactly the same freebies! i was well happy! such amazing products! & i only spent £20.56! bonus!
<3 xoxo