Monday, February 15, 2010

Avatar, I gave in and saw it! [

Towards the end of last year my BF and I went to the pictures a few times and each time the trailer for Avatar was shown, my BF thought it looked good, My opinion was 'bleh' I'm not paying to see a bunch of blue aliens.

However, when it came out I was told by everyone I knew who had seen it that is was amazing and a must see.. I never once heard a bad comment about it, apart from the fact that people had bum ache for sitting for so long while it was on!

So, My BF finally dragged me to see it last week, I say 'dragged' but actually I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I wasn't excited or expecting much, but wanted to see why people thought it was so awesome.

Well... I fully eat my words about it being some crap about Blue Aliens! I actually really, really enjoyed it! The story is great and not as confusing as I thought it would be (I'm the sort of girl who asks lots of questions if I don't get it - much to my BFs annoyance) .. Anyway, I did get it, and I loved it!

The 3D effects were spectacular, I was completely wowed and kept taking my glasses off my nose to see the difference between the 3D and normal, Did anyone else do that? (Just me then!) The effects really were amazing, and the film was great! I can't see how it will be so enjoyable at home on a small screen though, I guess we'll wait and see..

What did you think of Avatar? Is there anyone out there who didn't enjoy it?


Lu - The Pink Bandit said...

Glad you liked it. I finally got my parents to go see it recently then they loved it so much they made my sister and her partner go see it too. And none of them wanted to see it in the first place either teehee! It's so beautiful. xXx

SilhouetteScreams said...

I loooove Avatar, I've seen it twice in 3D. I kept taking my glasses off too, expecting to see those horrible red and green lines that accompany traditional 3D films/shows.

I love that the storyline is easy to follow, and for the most part the movie is mostly about the visual experience :) I dont have to worry about trying to keep up with it all

Carlito86 said...

I haven't seen it :( I want to just for the 3Dness though! xx