Thursday, February 18, 2010

HJ Manicure - Nails!

I have had these polishes for ages now and have been meaning to do a review since god knows when, but my nails haven't been looking too great and when one breaks, they all go!

Anyway, These babies are from HJ Manicure, a site owned by Helen, a Manicurist, Make up Artist and Model, She has a large selections of gorgeous coloured nail polishes and she was kind enough to send me a couple to try out.

So, I tried 'R8' and 'Bauble' .. As the name would suggest, Bauble is from a Christmas Collection but is still available on the site. She also sells the mini 5ml polishes like these, but she doesn't yet have a mini of every colour.

Anyway, what do I think? .. Well, I love these polishes, They are true to the bottle colour and pigmented too!

Bauble, as you will see, is a stunning shimmery metallic pink colour, It applies so easily and the brush is a decent size for application, it also dries so quickly and you could get away with one coat of this is you applied a fairly thick layer, which I have done when I have been rushed.

R8 is a very dark gun metal-ish matte (as in no shimmer) grey and I love it, I have been wearing this one quite alot recently, It has a lovely creamy looking finish and two coats is all you need for a pertfect opaque finish, It doesn't dry quite as fast as the metallic polish, but it still dries fairly fast and leaves your nails looking glossy.

Both of these polishes last well without a topcoat (I tried them with and without a topcoat), I think I wore R8 for four days straight with only wearing at the tips. Bauble wore away a little quicker than R8 though, I'm not sure if it's the metallic finish but it didn't last as long and started to chip a little after a couple of days. However, with a top coat (which I recommend anyway) both lasted me about five to six days with no chipping!

[Gorgeous eh?!]

HJ Manicure sells a large range of colours and I love the look of the Summer collection look how gorgeous some of those brights are!

So, what do you think? I love them! You can check out the website here

*These nail polishes were sent to me by HJmanicure for review purposes, I am not affiliated with this company, nor am I being compensated for this review*


SilhouetteScreams said...

Bauble is SO pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Both look so beautiful together! But I'm definitely loving the grey...

Lesley said...

such pretty colours! I need more grey nail polish in my life.