Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My Britain's Got Talent Day Out!!..

Some of you will have seen in this post recently that I was off to Manchester for a few days to go be in the Audience for the Britain's Got Talent Auditions, which is recorded to go out on TV when the show starts again.

So, basically you get to sit in a theatre with Simon, Piers and Amanda and watch the acts with them, we got to see about twenty two in total, and were inside for about 4 hrs, or thereabouts.

I was lucky enough to get tickets last year too and it was fab, So I got in early to apply for this year, and I was so pleased when I got accepted. The thing with audience tickets though is that they are not going to guarantee you entry, so you have to arrive early to get a good place in the queue to make sure you get in.

The doors were due to open at 13.15pm (We got in well after 2pm!) on the day we went, and we were in the queue for 9.00am .. Yes, it was a freezing cold day, but we were about sixteen people away from the front of the line, good times!

So, hours and hours of queuing later (5 hours-ish!) and we get to see the judges arrive (you will see pics below). My BF managed to get some cool pics, and I took some on his camera too, we somehow managed to miss getting pictures of Piers Arrival though! It was mega packed, and everyone surged forward to try and get a glance!

Once inside we take our seats (about sixteen rows behind the judges, we were two rows behind them last year!) a comedian bloke comes out and tells us all a few funny jokes, he is actually a funny guy aswell! .. We then wait for the judges to come in, they go onto stage, Ant and Dec come out, so does Stephen Mulhern, everyone screams and goes mad (Especially me, over the Cowell *swoon*) They then take their places and we wait for the Auditions to begin.

We saw some really good talent this year, and definitely a few who I think will make it to our screens, which not all of them will. (I don't remember act names, sadly) So when you watch the show, which will be on TV in April, look out for these : a really funny ventriloquist who uses a member of the audience as his dummy, he had everyone is stitches. Also an all girl choir, they sang a Leona Lewis song and were amazing. A dance troupe called Ice, they were really talented.. a welsh opera singer bloke called Daffyd.. Oh, and the weirdest one of all, yet amazingly good was a regurgitator (?) .. Yep! A bloke who swallowed stuff, and brought it back up, The best thing he did was swallow a Billiard ball, It was amazing, and of course he regurgetated it! Simon told him that if he gets to the live shows that he wants him to do it with a grapefruit, haha!

So, I have gone on enough. We had an excellent day, and I got to see Simon Cowell in the flesh again, So I'm happy. I can't wait for the show to be on TV now!

Here are a load of pics for your enjoyment .. :)(Click on them to see full size)

If you made it this far, then well done!! I hope you enjoyed this post, it took me ages!


Unknown said...

Cool lucky you looks like you had a good time!! xxx

Juicygirl... said...

omg i love this show your super lucky looks like you had a fab time some great pics too x

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

That's so amazing! Totally jealous ;)

getuneed said...

i think you have a good time..