Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review : NYC Cosmetics.

*Before I start, I was sent this Make up for for review purposes. I am not being paid nor am I affiliated with the company. My review is completely honest, if you don't believe me, then don't read it!*

Ok So, NYC Make up is not a brand I have ever really used before, apart from for eyelashes and nail polish. So when I was asked to try some of their products I didn't refuse.

Here is what I was sent..

They were very generous and I jumped straight in to try them out when I got them and have been using them for a few weeks now.

I'll start with the eyeshadow kit. I really like the idea of this for traveling, having all the eye shadows you need for a look in a small palette. The packaging is sturdy plastic and inside there is a small eyeshadow applicator/brush thing, which I don't use. The overlay, as you can see, tells you what each colour is for, but of course you can use them however you wish. The pigmentation on the eye shadows is pretty decent, Some are better than others as you will see from the swatches. They are a little powdery when you pick them up on the brush, but if you pat them on they apply smoothly and last well with a primer. I like the dark brown and pink colour on the left the best, The other two were not as well pigmented.

Next up, the lip balm in 'Sugar Baby' .. I was a little put off when I saw the colour of this, but it doesn't apply that bright, obviously. It smells really sweet and has quite a sticky consistency (which I like, as it lasts) It leaves my lips with a nice glossy pinky tint and lasts well, leaving my lips feeling soft. The only think I dislike is the packaging, I hate dipping my finger into things and getting all the goop behind my nails, I guess it's quick and easy for on the go though, if you don't mind sticky fingers. I tend to use it every evening when I prepare my skin for bed, I put this on my lips and go to sleep and wake up with soft lips.

Hmm, the Colour Wheel! I like this for day to day natural make up because it gives a really subtle glow to my cheeks, But it is not very pigmented and I struggled to get a decent swatch without layering it loads (The swatch is about three heavy swipes) It is a nice colour though and I have been wearing it to give a natural pale flush to my cheeks, I just wish it was a bit more pigmented.

Next up is one of my favorite things I received! This is a pigment in the colour 'Champagne' and as you can see from the swatch, it is a gorgeous subtle gold sheeny colour, It is a lovely all over the eyelid colour, or cheek highlight, and I have been using it daily, I have no complaints about the eye dust itself - There is no chunky glitter, it blends well and it looks lovely on.

The PACKAGING however, is a different story, It's stupid! I have two pigments in similar pots from H&M and I hate the way they are packaged. As you can see in the picture, it is a small pot with a hole in which you dip the provided brush into.. Look at THAT brush, It looks ridiculous and there is no way it would apply anything well.

As I have always done with my H&M dusts, I just pour the product out of the small hole and into the lid and use my own brush, then I pour what is left back in when I am done. It's a bit of a hassle, but it's worth it because I love the colour.. I do think NYC should fix this though and just package them in a nice round container with a sifter or something.

Lastly, but not leastly is this liquid eyeliner. I thought this would be a no go as soon as I saw it, only because I hate using the long thin brush type applicators (I should have pictured it, sorry!) to apply liner, but this one is super thin, and after a few practice runs I mastered it! I now love how long the applicator is and how thin the brush is. The liner is a really nice black with a pearly silver grey in it, as the picture shows, It is kind of metallic and makes a really nice change from flat black, I think. It applies smoothly and lasts for hours too, so a definite win for me! I fancy seeing what other colours they do in this liner now.

So, that's all for now, I hope you enjoyed my review. Have you tried any of these products, or anything else from NYC? I would love to hear what you love from them!

NYC Make up is available from Superdrug Online.
For a wider range, go to your local superdrug store.


Fee - Makeup Savvy said...

Really like the look of the eye dust - but not too keen on the photo of the brush :/ I can see what you mean.


Unknown said...

Oh the liquid liner looks really great to me!

Lesley said...

that champagne eyeshadow is gorgeous! so pretty! I've never tried NYC before but now I might.

Sian said...

Great review, really helpful!


Suzanna said...

I love the liquid liner! I have been using it for a while now! its awesome!
xoxo, suzanna

SilhouetteScreams said...

The eyeliner looks good, and I love that eye dust colour, though that is honestly some of the cheapest and shoddiest packaging I've ever seen.

erica said...

Heyy girly! Just came across your blog and love it! Awesome review....extremely helpful!

Carlito86 said...

I love the look of the eyeshadow x

Sofia said...

I love the eyeshadow and the liner is my fave...

Kelly said...

that pigment looks really pretty! The packagaging is indeed very much like H&M's. I've only tried one by H&M and don't really like it